Windscribe Review

A new player in the VPNs market is the Windscribe launched somewhere in 2016. But it has already made news with so many VPN reviews mentioning it as free.

But it’s a free as well as paid VPN provider. So, let’s see how it compares to others and how to use Windscribe in this review.

Windscribe VPN

windscribe for free

Summary – is Windscribe a Good VPN?

For all the netizens who want online privacy but can’t invest in VPNs, Windscribe VPN is like the first breathe.

It offers many pro-VPN features for free and has better options thanits free counterparts. But is Windscribe a good VPN to be a daily driver. Read this Windscribe review to know.


Windscribe VPN packages some of the best features a VPN can offer. It has servers present in around 50 countries, and most of the servers provide P2P support.

Windscribe HighlightsBut the highlight of this service is the 10 GB of monthly data allowance it gives with the free plan. Also, you can enjoy torrent downloads in the free service. But is Windscribe safe? Time to check it out.

Windscribe Features

While most of the Windscribe VPN reviews stress on the free part, it is a lot more than that. Although Windscribe has servers in fifty countries, free users have access to only about ten servers. While it’s useful for users whose only use of VPN is to spoof their IP address, others may find it limiting.

VPNs are one of the safest ways to access geo-restricted content but only if there is a server in that region.

Other than that, free users are allowed to get 10 GB of data transfer per month. It’s suitable for those who need to browse the Internet once in a while. You will need to pay for the pro version if you want unlimited usage.

What’s interesting with Windscribe is that it allows torrenting even in the free version but with the data cap of 10 GB, you can’t do much.

But anyways, Windscribe supports the P2P Protocol BitTorrent, which is a quite helpful feature. It also offers a kill switch – the Firewall – which blocks the data transfer if the VPN connection is not successful.

And you also get the free ad blocker and some tracker blocker. Then, you have Windscribe on PC, Mac or Linux, and you can also download it for your phone, Android or iOS. Windscribe even has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Thus, it meets the needs of most of the users.

And with the Netflix dedicated Windflix servers of Windscribe, Netflix streaming also is available. The Windflix servers can bypass Netflix’s VPN checking algorithm and let you watch Netflix privately.

Those who need a VPN for their streaming boxes or sticks, however, would be disappointed with this lack of options.

But the desktop users are up for another freebie. They can use the Windscribe browser extension with the VPN client to enjoy double encryption.

While the desktop software is already keeping you private, the browser extension redirects the traffic again through a proxy. But this may slow down your data transfer rate which isn’t anyways as good as other premium VPN service providers.

Windscribe Features

windscribe for free

You though, get this little but helpful feature where Windscribe connects you to the best available server according to it.

You are, by the way, free to choose any other server if you want. So, while it’s a feature-packed VPN software, Windscribe still is simple to use for a beginner. It has a secure encryption system, and there isn’t a lot of options to fiddle with. It also prevents DNS leaks.

Another useful feature of Windscribe is the link shortening service – Secure Link Generator. It generates a short link for any webpage you want.

When someone with that link opens it, the landing page shows the number of trackers the target link has. It also offers the option to install the browser extension to block those trackers and help protect privacy.


  • It’s secured.
  • Windscribe allows P2P sharing.
  • It has a free online VPN plan.
  • It doesn’t keep connectivity logs.
  • No email address required.
  • You can use it on any number of devices.
  • Netflix streaming support.


  • Average transfer speed.
  • Not always reliable.


Apart from the free plan Windscribe offers, it has a monthly plan which is available at USD9 a month. When you upgrade to the paid plan, you are free to use as much as you want on any number of devices.

Download torrents privately or watch favourite Netflix shows back-to-back, there is no one stopping you. But they do keep a check on the devices used.

Other than the monthly plan, it offers an annual plan at USD49 and also a two-year plan at USD89. While the yearly plan averages at USD4.08/month, the two-year plan gets you Windscibe VPN service at USD3.70/month.

You are though entitled to a refund, only if you place a request within three days of the activation of service.

As for the payment options available, you can either use your credit cards or pay through PayPal. For the extra conscious ones, Windscribe also has the option to pay with Bitcoins for an added privacy.

Privacy and SecurityWindscribe Security

OpenVPN is the default security protocol used by Windscribe, and it’s no doubt, very secure. You can also configure the software to use IKEv2 or SOCKS5 if your device supports them. So, with Windscribe, you can worry a little less about your data being sent without encryption.

As for privacy, although Windscribe advertises itself as a “no logs” VPN, it does keep the data usage of the active connection.

The server deletes it after three minutes of session termination. It, however, holds no browsing history. One of the best things about Windscribe is its transparent privacy policy which has everything laid out.


The website has setup guides for your help, and there also is an FAQ page to answer the basic questions.

If you still need help, use the contact form but the response time is miserable. Sometimes they respond within few hours, and on other days, they may take more than 48 hours. There is no live chat option to get instant help.


While Windscribe does offer a range of features and that too with its free plan, the speed is something to be concerned with.

There aren’t a large number of servers even with the pro plan, which is priced a bit higher than others. But for occasional Internet users, it’s a great option.

windscribe for free

You get access to American Netflix, you can torrent, and you get 10 GB per month for free. So, take as many trials as you want before opting for the paid service.