How to Watch Will and Grace Online

If there was ever a TV show to make a remarkable comeback, this award has to be handed to Will and Grace.

A show which was launched back in 1998 from the creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan set new ground.

With the main characters of Will played by Eric McCormack and Grace, played by Debra Messing being long term friends and their close-knit relationship survived against anything that life dished up to them.

Watch Will and Grace OnlineWhat’s New in Will and Grace

Throughout 8 seasons, they laughed, cried and lived together, and took many a thousand fan along with them until the show ceased in 2004.

Jump forward thirteen years, and the show was dusted off to be resurrected and re-booted, and again there are eager fans ready to watch Will and Grace.

With some quirky twists and turns, there is a chance that Will and Grace might become brother and sister, and along the way, Grace has a new love interest who is played by ex-Friends star David Schwimmer.

Mutchnick and David Kohan really know how to come up with implausible plots that keep bringing the giggles.

How to Watch Will and Grace

With all good things from the US, this content is geo-blocked, so any Will and Grace Streaming is restricted to viewers from the USA.

Viewers might think this leaves them with no alternative, but to watch episodes later than when they are aired, or find a way to watch them at the same time as the USA.

Luckily, it is quite simple to stream Will and Grace when you know where to look, and that is what we are going to explain now.

Watch Will and Grace on streaming sitesWhere to Watch Will and Grace

There are a few places where you can watch Will and Grace online, and here is a quick run through of these services.


Hulu can be a great option as it has 50+ top Live and On Demand TV channels including sports, news, and entertainment aside from just being able to watch the goings-on of Will and Grace. There are two downsides to this option.

The first being it is again geo-blocked, and second, the Hulu Live TV option starts at $39.99 after the 1-week free trial.

Once you bypass the geoblocking, it is easy to sign up and only requires minimal details and a US Zip code which can be found on the internet. (Learn how to sign up to Hulu from Australia)


Sling TV is another option, but it can only be available in select markets inside the USA. It does come with the Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages, however, these are combined if you opt for the premium package which costs $40.

There are also add-ons such as sports or Hollywood, and each one costs an additional $5 per month each.

It offers a 7-day free trial which unfortunately ends very soon. However, the sign-up process is only three steps long and only requires very minimal details.


The third option is YouTube TV which costs $40 per month. Unfortunately, this is only available in certain metro cities. It comes with no contract, and to bypass this geo-blocking, you would need a VPN which has lots of US servers in the main cities.


The last option is the best, and this alone can justify the cost of a VPN service.

You can watch all the episodes on the NBC live stream as they are aired, and this can be done online or using their mobile app. BNC also comes with a host of other great content, and the best thing about this option is, it is FREE to US viewers.

All we need to do is sign up with a few details. NBC also comes with apps which work on Android and iOS as well as using the website directly.

VPN for Will and Grace TV seriesBypassing Geo-Restrictions

To find a good VPN which can access geo-blocked content easily, could take you a couple of hours trawling through VPN reviews.

To save the trouble we have narrowed it down for VPN providers which are crowd favourites. The first VPN is CyberGhost which comes with a quirky interface which looks rather colourful and cartoony.

It runs on plenty of devices and unblocks plenty of geo-blocked content, Netflix included. As far as everything goes with the VPN service, they are one of the top contenders, but if you read a CyberGhost review or two, you can see there are concerns over their security and most of all their parent company.

The security concern went back a few years, but it can still put doubt in your mind. However, the VPN provider is owned by an Israel based company which is well-known for including malware or bloatware into their other software.

This shows how careful users need to be when looking at choosing a VPN service, they are not all equal, and now you can see why.

ExpressVPN is the second choice and is a far cry from the CyberGhost offering. Being well placed to deliver the fastest speeds for streaming to Australia, they are continually praised for all the services they provide.

From native apps for a vast range of devices to some of the best encryption and security in the industry.

Customer privacy is also at the top of their list, and this was proven when government agencies asked for data logs, and the company adamantly declared they had nothing to hand over, even their VPN server was blank.

When it comes to choosing a VPN for Australia, there is a lot to think about. With what is lauded as the best VPN service provider for any country in the world, you are guaranteed one thing.

You will be able to see Will and Grace no matter where you are and whatever device you are using.

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