How to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

There are hundreds of free movie streaming websites that crop up and vanish on a daily basis. This can be hard for viewers to keep track of where to stream free movies without downloading.

There is the fact that many only have low quality movies available, or they are very old, and are not the latest releases.

Watching movies online is one of the newest and most exciting ways to access this content, and without the need to sign up or subscribe, a new movie can be right at your fingertips.

In this guide, we will show you where to stream movies and TV series. We will also show how to do this safe and undetected, because not all free movie websites offer legal movies and TV shows.

Free Movie Streaming Websites

Sony Crackle astreaming website

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is one of the few streaming sites, which is backed by a major studio. Being owned by Sony, you can assume that the majority of free movies are from the Sony library.

Crackle does come with lots of high quality content, although it is ad supported.

Supported devices is extensive and includes Amazon Fire TV/ Stick, Android and iOS, Chromecast, game consoles, TV’s and many others. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox IE11 and Safari.

One downside is the service comes with geo-restrictions. This means you cannot watch it outside the USA.

However, there is a simple workaround, and that is to use a VPN service. One of the benefits is you can choose a movie to watch, and know it is 100% legitimate.


The name of this site does nothing to let you know it is a great site for streaming movies online for free. is actually a web scraper that scours the web for links to movies. You can also find other domains of, and

This in itself isn’t illegal; however, the site has no control over the content on offer. The neither host or upload any movies, so the legality will be between the viewer and the source where the content originates.

While the site does not do anything illegal, some countries don’t look at it this way. Visitors to the site do need to take precautions when watching a movie from the website.

The site does come with a well laid out interface where all the current movies are displayed. These tiles tell you if the movie is a cam, HD or HDRip among others.

Once you select a movie, you are taken to the next page where you find more information such as movie length, synopsis and viewer rating.

Afdah offer lots of content in all manner of genres, and finding the latest movie is straightforward.

Amazon Prime streaming website

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime goes undetected by many people. While they think they have signed up for other services, they often forget there are countless numbers of free movies and TV shows for them to watch.

These pretty much all come in HD and contain no ads. Device support is excellent with Smart TV’s, set top boxes, games consoles, Android and iOS, laptops and browsers.

While it is a part of a subscription into the entire Amazon network, the free options are still there for users to take advantage of.

The upside of this service is that if you already have a Prime account, then these are accessible and they are legitimate.

You may find content differs in different regions, but using a virtual private network that is set to the USA can offer up a larger content library.


In operation, this is very similar to 123Movies. offers movie tiles of all the movies you can choose.

While the focus of Solarmovie is on movies, you can find plenty of TV series. These though are accessed through the menu where you find all the search options.

The site lets you search by movie genre, TV show genre, country, Top IMDB movies, and top IMBD TV.

There is also a disclaimer for the site saying they are not holding any content on their servers.

Once you select your title, you are taken to the information page where you can read more about the movie or select the link to the movie.

It gives you options for quality, but once you click play, it says to create a free account to watch in HD. Even if you select SD, you still see this message. It is a great site, and has some of the most current movies including ones that have just been released in the cinema.

Roku Channel streaming website

Roku Channel

Roku channel is a little different to the others in the list so far. Roku is the company that was the pioneer for streaming devices for TV’s.

It doesn’t just need one of their devices to access the channel, so it can be one of the best and most cost effective ways to cut the cord and watch TV shows online as well as free movies.

The channel can be watched on all Roku Players and TV’s, Roku, Roku mobile app and Samsung Smart TV. There are also premium channels, which can be added at a cost.

Free content covers a wide range of genres, so there is plenty to watch with this legitimate free movie streaming service.

The content unfortunately does contain ads, but that is a small price when it comes to so much to watch for free.


Stremio is quite new and follows in the footsteps of Netflix, albeit with a far smaller catalogue.

It is a media management hub where viewers can install add-ons in the same manner as Kodi. These can be official and unofficial, so is Stremio safe?

This is debatable. The service appears to be safe, but when you delve under the surface, they do have all your information.

Aside from this, you place all your content into their service so you can access it from any supported devices.

If you have content, which is copyright protected, and you use the Stremio free services, you can be leaving yourself open.

The service uses torrents when using add-ons, so your IP address will be visible to your ISP (who will be recording your online activities) and any agency who is tasked with tracking down piracy.

Stremio also harvests user data, which can be passed onto third parties. This can be for advertising purposes, or if anyone asks about what content users have, then they will pass this information on to the authorities.

If you don’t have illegal content, then the service can be installed on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS and Linux.

It can be installed on a FireStick using Downloader or ES File Explorer. If you have access to illegal content, you are best using a VPN.

GoMovies streaming website


GoMovies is one of the top names in free movie streaming sites. The main reason being it comes with lots of features, and is very user friendly. Content ranges from kid’s movies, action, comedy horror and much more.

As well as movies as in the title, the site also delivers plenty of TV shows. It is continually updated, and so far, it manages to keep ahead of the law.

It does say there is a premium account available with extra benefits, but what this delivers extra is hard to say.

The good thing with GoMovies is that there are no geo-restrictions. There are however concerns over is GoMovies safe?

This site like others crawls the web for its streams. They also quote this at the bottom of their homepage they don’t store any files on their servers.

This makes the site completely safe, but this does not mean to say the sources themselves are as trustworthy.

The interface comes with all the content tiles like other top streaming sites, and going into the menu or the large filter button allows you to narrow down your search.

You can find reports the site has been reported as illegal, so you should take precautions by using a decent antivirus/ malware package, and using a VPN so no one can track usage back to you. does not work. This like the previous site has many people asking is safe? The site has changed domain and can now be found on or

You can find other web addresses but these are more likely mirrors or copycat sites and best avoided.

The site is safe although they make no claims like other sites as for not holding any files on their server. It is safe to assume they are scraping the web and only serving up links.

The interface is plain but more appealing to the eye than many sites and is filled with the media tiles for either full TV series episodes or full movies.

There is a wide variety of genres and tabs along the top of the screen allow you to select from country, top movies, TV-series, release, Top IMDB, database and top watched.

There is also a search bar if you already know the title. One of the good things with fmovies is when you hold your cursor over the media tile it pops up more information.

Kanopy streaming website


This site isn’t new and is over a decade old. It began in Australia and serves up Criterion movies. What makes this different is it is fully legal and began by collaborating with Universities and libraries.

Around the globe, there are over 4,000 libraries, which use the service. Perhaps it is because of the link with libraries that many people are not aware of this option.

To access the content, you need an up to date library card. All you need to do then is to download the app, or head to the site to watch free movies.

There is one thing for sure. There are lots of options that will not be on any other streaming services.

How to Stream Movies Safely

Out of the websites above, there are some, which are legal compared to others, which are not.

Before looking how to access these safely using a VPN, it is better to look at the grey waters that streaming free movies sits in.

The sites themselves do as much as they can to place them outside of doing anything illegal by not hosting any content.

These sites bear no responsibility in regard to the legality of content watched by users.

Streaming according to some lawyers is not illegal because there is no physical copy, and it is not shared because it is deleted as it is being watched. Because of this, it is hard to enforce copyright law.

This though isn’t all the truth because IP addresses and activity monitoring by ISP’s can leave a trail back to the viewer. Many countries take a dim view of streaming regardless of the fact it may not be illegal.

One other thing to note is that ISP’s can slow down connections when users are streaming. This means you can encounter buffering which will totally ruin your experience.

When you look how to stream movies safely, and leave no trail back to your connection. It is advisable to use a VPN service. These will encrypt your data, so even you ISP can’t see what you are accessing.

This means they can’t throttle your connection, and it keeps you out of sight of the law. Because of remote locations, the best recommendation is ExpressVPN.

This private VPN delivers the best experience and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can try all the VPN features and all of the above streaming sites at your leisure.
With this VPN keeping you safe, there will be no copyright infringement letters arriving through your letterbox.

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