How to Watch Vikings Online

The highly-rated History Channel show Vikings is halfway through Season 6. Unlike season 1, season 2, and season 3, that all had ten episodes, four to six all come with 20 full episodes, although the season pauses for several months.

Fans are keen to watch the show outside the USA, and luckily, there are a couple of options to do this.

In our guide, we look at where we are from the last season to the first half of the current season. Fans will be thrilled, as there is no letup in the action.

After that, you can learn how to use a VPN service and watch Vikings.

Watch Vikings Online by History Channel

What Happened in Vikings?

In season 5, we saw lots of action, but it was toward the end of the season. Disaster looms when the impending battle of Kattegat ensues, and the victor is in the hands of the gods. The community is shattered at the outcome, but not all is lost as it leads straight into season 6.

The story so far kicks off as the season means to go on with Prince Oleg with whom Ivar may have met his match.

Bjorn attempts to make sure he does the right thing as the new ruler, while Ivar is aware of the threat that Oleg poses to the young heir (Igor).

Bjorn sure of the situation with the heir to the throne answered the call and went to help an old enemy.

Nearing the halfway of the first part, Ivar talks about the ambitions for Scandinavia from Oleg. King Olaf is confident of the result, yet the election is in no way as smooth as he was expecting. The hunt for the King of all Norway is a rough ride from any side.

With just four episodes remaining, Bjorn is forced to act quickly as bandits attack the village of Lagertha while the election for the King is going on.

Hvitserk continues to unravel both paranoid and haunted. Finally, we arrive at halfway, and Igor and Ivar continue to plot against Oleg.

Fans are left hanging and desperate for the next ten episodes. Therefore, to help watch Vikings online, we show just how you can do it, and how easy it can be.

Where Can I Watch Vikings?

Rather than searching all over, the place and finding out you end up on sites that go on about California privacy. You have two basic options where to watch the show. Although it is on the History Channel, you do need a cable subscription to access this through the website.


Hulu has 79 episodes of Vikings available; it also happens to be the more affordable of the two options.

Hulu offers two plans that are sufficient to watch the Vikings.

  • Hulu with ad support is $5.99 per month.
  • Hulu, with no ads, is $11.99 per month.

Both of these plans offer new subscribers a one-month free trial. It also offers cloud DVR, two streams on the smaller plans, and much more

Hulu with Live TV costs more at $54.99 and only has a one-week trial period. It does offer the chance to view more streams at once. However, any live TV will show ads.

Hulu offers over 65 channels to choose from and comes with lots of its original shows. You can find Hulu runs on many devices, including Android, iOS, Tablets, laptops and computers, and Amazon Fire products, among others.

Hulu checks the IP address to make sure it is inside the USA, and a VPN isn’t in use for the internet connection (this is where most VPN’s now fail). (Learn how to sign up for Hulu in Australia)

You can sign up and then access Hulu to watch from anywhere. However, one final hurdle is the payment. You can use to make payments to your Hulu service.

Prime Video

The second option is Prime Video, yet it doesn’t contain all the episodes. However, it does offer season 6, so it is up to date with the action.

To access the show, you need to sign up for Amazon Prime Video, or you sign up for an Amazon Prime account that incorporates the purchasing side of the company.

It does cost more than Hulu, yet you do also have a one-month free trial for new subscribers.

Using a VPN allows you to change the library to another outside of Australia, and thus like Netflix, you have a chance to access more content.

The service does cost $12.99 per month. You can also add channels to expand your libraries, such as Showtime, A&E, and others, although these do require their subscriptions as well as.

Watch Vikings using the Best VPN

Using a VPN to Watch Vikings

To use either of these services and watch episodes of the Vikings in HD, you do need a top VPN that can deliver the highest speeds to cope with this.

Luckily, our recommendation of ExpressVPN does this easily through its optimized network of 3,000 streaming servers over 94 countries.

All these run in RAM, so they are more secure, and faster in operation as no data is written to hard disks.

The VPN also offers the very best in security using rugged DNS and WebRTC leak protection, a stringent zero-log policy, military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, zero-knowledge DNS, and a kill switch.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, including easy server switching, and the ability to change countries or cities if necessary. The customer support is 24/7 with live chat if there are any problems.

The good thing with this premium VPN is you can sign up and make full use of the 30-day money-back guarantee. This is more than long enough to test all the features, and using the above services; it gives fans of the show to watch The Vikings online, free.

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