How to Watch V8 Supercars without Foxtel in Australia

The Grand Finale of the 2019 season is almost here. The V8 Supercars calendar will end with the Sandown 500 event, going to be live from 8th – 10th November.

Read further to know how to watch the live event online.

Watch V8 Supercars live stream

For those in Australia, the best way is to catch it on Fox Sports channel of Foxtel. You can also watch it on free-to-air Channel 10, but Foxtel has the rights to live broadcast all the events of the championship. The notable ones are:

Watch V8 Supercars without Foxtel in Australia

how to watch v8 supercars without foxtel

• Bathurst 1000 or the Great Race
• Sandown 500 or the Bathurst Warm-up
• Adelaide 500
• Gold Coast 600
• Newcastle 500 or the Grand Finale

If you have a TV subscription to Foxtel, you can use the Foxtel Go to watch V8 Supercars live online free. In case, you don’t have a subscription, you need to pay for Foxtel Now. The first two weeks, however, is available for a free trial.

But if you aren’t a big fan of Foxtel and want to avoid it, the best option you have is Kayo Sports, BT Sports  or SuperView (Supercars Championship’s own streaming service.)

V8 Supercars on BT Sports

BT Sports has a huge array of great live sports action BUT it’s block to those in Australia. Don’t lose hope because they do stream the Supercars live and you access BT Sport using a VPN service.

We recommend ExpressVPN – you can currently get a Special 49% off deal here and watch the entire season.

V8 Supercars on SuperViewV8 Supercars on SuperView

SuperView is the paid subscription service to live stream every race of the season, also the qualifying sessions. The full season Champion Pass is available for $59.95 AUD. Once you have got the Champion Pass, you can stream the races live on any of your preferred devices without ad interruptions.

If you missed the live action, the full replay is available on-demand afterwards not only for the latest race but all the races of the season. With SuperView, you can follow the V8 Supercars news and won’t miss a moment of the events.

Get a VPN

The service of SuperView is available only to those lucky viewers who are not in Australia or New Zealand. But if you want to view all the races from Australia, you can always use a VPN.

According to the ExpressVPN review in Australia, it is the best VPN service when you want to get streaming in Australia. Although the price is little on the higher side, it compensates that with the quality of service it provides. Not only it has one of the strongest encryption systems, but it also offers high speeds.

Watch V8 Supercars live stream thru VPN

how to watch v8 supercars without foxtel

ExpressVPN has servers in many countries around the world, and all you need to access SuperView is to connect to a server abroad.

If you connect to a server in, say, the UK, your device is given an IP address of the UK, and the communication data is encrypted. SuperView streaming systems won’t know you are from Australia and thus you can access their services.

Now that you have a VPN service, you can also use it to watch the Sky Go streaming of New Zealand. A VPN server in NZ will definitely give you better speeds than the traffic routed from a server in the UK. With Sky Go too, you can catch up the races later when you want to.

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  1. Hi Samuel,

    As I understand it, BT Sports now only have an arrangement with Channel 10 Australia who only show a select few race rounds not all of them. Foxtel have all rounds, but even with a VPN their website will block your credit card if the card is registered outside Australia (likewise for NZ). Generally I have found every paid and legal streaming service now has a clause within their T&C’s that if your credit card is found to be from outside their service area you will be blocked and no refund provided. Paid streaming services are using this as a way to stop VPN access, and it seems to be working.

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