How to Watch Supernatural Online in Australia

There are millions of fans around the globe who have stuck with Supernatural through all of its seasons.

Ever since it began in 2005 and fans saw Sam and Dean Winchester lose their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force, fans have been hooked.

Now that season 15 is airing, fans are keen to keep up to date to prevent any spoilers from ruining their experience of the final season.

Watch Supernatural Online

There are a couple of options to watch Supernatural online, so the rest of this guide will show how you can either go back to the beginning and see how Sam and Dean lost their mother to a mysterious force, or you can keep right up to date and focus on the last season of this great show from the CW.

After a quick look at what has happened so far to the boys Sam and Dean, we will see how easy it can be to watch Supernatural online free.

Where is Supernatural Now?

The Winchester Brothers have been crisscrossing they’re away across the country. Not only did they lose their mother to a demonic supernatural force, but also they have been fighting demons, ghosts, and monsters on their journey.

Sam and Dean Winchester lost one thing that was close to them, and they came to learn their father had something to do with them losing their mother to a mysterious force.

Jared Padalecki playing Sam, and Jensen Ackles playing Dean Winchester lost their mother. Yet this was far from the worst thing they needed to face on their journey.

Toward the end of the previous season, we saw Sam, Dean, and Castiel involved with a string of suspicious deaths.

These had a biblical element and saw them thrown into an epic supernatural threat in the last episode of season 14.

The three pick up from the last episode and are tasked with defending the world now that all the souls who have been filling hell are now back on earth.

Rowena is asked to help, and the teamwork tirelessly to keep all hell from breaking loose.

It is easier said than done, and now to watch Supernatural online, you’ll need a VPN to get you past the restrictions, which prevent anyone from outside the USA from watching the show online.

Where to Watch Supernatural back Episodes

Before seeing where you can watch the latest episodes, it is worth mentioning where you can get all the back episodes.

These are only available on Netflix. Luckily, if you have a good VPN, you can bypass the Netflix restrictions and watch all the previous full episodes.

Where to Watch the Latest Supernatural Episodes

Supernatural streaming can be done in a few places, yet at different stages. In many cases, it isn’t possible to watch live TV without going through a streaming service, which allows you to do this.

Here we will look at your options:

CW Website and CW App

It makes sense to head to the home of the show, and for many, this can be a perfect solution. You do need a VPN to access the website or the app when outside the USA.

However, when you have a good streaming VPN, you can head to the site, and you will see the last five episodes of Supernatural. Currently, these are the most recent from the fifteenth season and two older ones.

The problem with this is, these are shown the day after airing on the TV network. The app works in the same way and delivers TV shows with no login, no subscription, and just free shows to watch.

Device support is good with Roku, AirPlay, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and others being supported as well as mobile devices including iOS and Android.

Hulu with Live TV

To stream Supernatural live, Hulu with live TV is the cheapest option. It costs $44.99 per month and comes with a one-week free trial. (Is Hulu available in Australia)

Hulu is seen as one of the top streaming services there is and comes with a vast range of shows and access to many TV everywhere apps.

Unlike many other streaming platforms, they offer their own shows as well as being a TV aggregation platform.

It is worth noting that the live option is only available in certain markets, so this can have a bearing on the VPN you choose.

streaming VPN to access Supernatural

Watch Supernatural with a VPN

All the services above do need a good streaming VPN to access all the services. Aside from this, because the live options are not available in every US territory, it does need a VPN you can change at city level.

Luckily, our recommendation covers a few of these cities where you can watch CW live via Hulu.
For countries, a fair distance from the USA, the choice of VPN will be crucial as much as being able to select servers in different cities. Any slowdown of the download speed will cause buffering.

One of the top VPN’s you can find is NordVPN. This is often seen as one of the best for privacy and security.

However, when it comes to streaming, it does suffer from slow speeds to areas around Asia, server connections speeds can be slow when switching, so you may find a quick change of US city cause more problems than it may is worth.

Our recommendation luckily doesn’t suffer from any of these issues, and still delivers some of the best security for users there is.

To test all the features and the performance from the optimised servers, users can make an ExpressVPN download in a few minutes.

From this, they can use the 30-day money-back guarantee like a free trial to make sure they are happy with the experience.

Users don’t need to pay anything and can check out a live stream on Hulu, or they can make use of the website or CW app and watch free.

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