How to Watch NBC Sports Live Stream Free Online

Most sports fans have their go-to channel when it comes to watching their favourite sports. Nowadays the possibilities are endless, and you can watch many sports from any area of the globe with a few exceptions.

Many larger sports are locked into certain broadcasters, so access is limited, but, there are certain places where all the best sports come together and can be viewed in one place.

NBC Sports Live is one such place this is possible. It does come with a couple of caveats which prevent users from around the globe tuning into it to watch the very best sports available. The main one being this content is geo-blocked for viewers outside the USA.

Before looking at how we can do this, let’s take a quick look at what is available on NBC Sports Live.

NBC Sports Live Staream Free OnlineWhat is on NBC Sports Live?

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • Soccer – Premier League etc.
  • Nascar
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby & UFC
  • And many others

There is a wealth of content available which is more than enough to satisfy any avid sports viewer from anywhere in the world.

NBC Sports Live appsWhere Can I Watch NBC Sports Live?

The NBC Sports Live apps are available for a significant number of devices. So, with this installed you can either watch NBC live stream from the comfort of your chair, or you can watch it on a large number of mobile devices.

Here are a handful of devices you are able to install the NBC Sports Live apps:

  • Windows PC
  • Apple Mac & Apple TV
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android
  • Roku

Both highlights and match or sporting replays are free to watch online on NBC Sports Live Extra.

Although, you do need a valid US cable subscription to be able to access live events, or at least you need login details of a cable subscription.

Unblocking NBC Sports Live

It is possible to sign up directly to the service, but this is with the NBC Sports subscription (Gold) where a TV provider isn’t required.

With this service, you can watch all the back matches and highlights and is the closest you can get to watch NBC Live free.

This method though would still require you to use a VPN service to bypass the geo-restrictions for viewing and possible when completing the signup process.

VPN to Unblock NBC Sports LiveWatching NBC Online for Free

With a VPN provider, you can easily confuse the streaming service into thinking you are in the USA.

Once you have this, there is on occasions an NBC Sports free trial, and with this, you can sign up and then cancel the subscription before it comes to paying the monthly charge.

Apart from this, there is no watch to watch NBC live stream online free, unless you use a friends log in details.

Why VPN’s are Good to Watch NBC Live?

It doesn’t matter which device you are using to watch NBC Sports Live, if you are outside the USA, you will face problems.

You can find the NBC Sports app not working because you are trying to connect from outside the USA and you are not using a VPN to bypass these restrictions.

You can also find you might be using an old version of device OS. The current ones which work are as follows for mobile devices:


  • OS Version 8+
  • iPad 2+
  • iPad Air 1+
  • iPad Mini 1+
  • iPhone 4S+


  • Version 4.1 Jellybean upward

Not all VPNs are created equal, and because NBC Sports aggressively protects its content, it isn’t enough to select just any old VPN service.

Fast servers are a necessity for any streaming of American content, and additionally, a VPN service should have a high number of VPN services in the country where you are accessing content.

In this case, they would need a high number of US-based servers. This can also be very useful when some matches face regional blackouts.

These blackouts are a very different matter depending on the sport you want to watch, and even NBC blocks some sporting content to US viewers.

For streaming live sport or any other US-based content, reliable connections are a must. The chances of buffering can ruin the best afternoon sporting session when you are missing the best parts of the action.

Which VPN to Use for Watching NBC Sports Live?

A good VPN needs to allow access to all of the above while dishing up the best possible privacy and security.

With this, they should keep no logs, and also offer refund policies which allow you to cancel if you find the service doesn’t work as advertised or you are having other issues.

This sort of thing can be more frequent in Australia due to the location. Most VPN’s advertise and concentrate their efforts around Europe and the USA.

The Best VPN’s for Watching NBC Sports Live

Here are two VPN’s that support Australia better than other competitors.

NordVPN delivers on most of its promises. It has decent speeds, it has military-grade encryption, and has a strict no log policy.

The company offers a decent amount of customer service, and they do offer a free trial and a 30-day money back guarantee.

This, in reality, can take another 30 days until you get your refund. Finally, the free trial is only for seven days.

If you are using a VPN for NBC sports, then ExpressVPN will deliver the best experience. It builds on top of what Nord offers in almost every area, so you do get high levels of features while being very easy to sign up for, and to use.

In many cases, this is the VPN which sets the standards for others to follow. One area which might not appear to be critical is the money back guarantee, cancel at any time within 30 days, and the company will return your money with no questions asked.

To top this off, this money back guarantee gives you almost a one-month free trial compared to the previous VPN who offers 1-week to thoroughly test their services.

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