How to Watch Live Cricket Streaming Free in Australia

Cricket in Australia goes back to more than two centuries, with the first recorded match having taken place in Sydney in December of 1803. By 1826, several domestic clubs had been established, and intercolonial cricket started by 1851.

As the standards of Australian cricket rose, it entered the international stage, with matches being held between England and Australia.


watch cricket liveOne of these test matches in 1882, which resulted in Aussie victory, became dubbed ‘The Ashes’ – a series which attracts fierce rivalry between England and Australia to this day.

Today, Australian cricket is a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, and the interest of Aussies in the sport isn’t limited to their own teams, now that cricket itself has become popular worldwide.

Many of us would like to have free cricket streaming on our internet enabled streaming capable devices (who wouldn’t want to watch world cup cricket online from the comfort of their own bed, after all), but sadly, most online sports broadcasters are geo-restricted to their own countries.

For die-hard fans of the sport, there is a way to enjoy international live cricket streaming free – you can access practically any online streaming source using VPN or Smart DNS software!

How to stream live cricket in Australia?


Some background info: streaming channels such as Star Sports (for India) and BBC iPlayer (for UK) only have local broadcasting licenses, which means they can’t broadcast their content (including cricket) to countries other than their own.

This compels them to impose geo-blocking to ensure that only devices from within their respective regions are able to stream live cricket from them.

VPN-cricket-australiaIn other words, to be able to access these channels from Australia, your device – whether it’s a PC, a smartphone or a smart TV, will need to appear to be in the region for which these channels have licenses. This can be done with either a VPN or a Smart DNS.

A VPN will create a tunnel with your device on the side and an end-point server on the other. The server will be located in another country – in our case, the country which has access to said restricted content. All your traffic will be routed through this tunnel, and then to the rest of the internet (including the streaming service e.g. Star Sports, BBC iPlayer).

The streaming service will thus detect your device as being in the right region (as opposed to Australia) and you’ll be able to stream cricketing events live from these services. An additional benefit of using a VPN is that it will encrypt your traffic, so no one can look into what you’re doing.

One of the best VPN services for Australians is ExpressVPN – it’s reasonably priced, has strong connection speeds, and most importantly, has server locations in both India and the UK, so you can access major online cricket streaming channels.

If you find the VPN option expensive (or perhaps you understand the risks, and don’t care for encryption), or your stream-live-cricket-in-Australiadevice is incompatible with VPNs (old consoles and Smart TVs), then you could go for a Smart DNS proxy service. This technique works by utilizing custom DNS values (which you supply in your device’s internet settings) to route part of your traffic through a server located in a different region (in our case, the region with access to said streaming service).

Since it doesn’t use encryption and require proprietary software, it is quite inexpensive and doesn’t impact your connection speed like some VPNs might. However, you’re vulnerable to third party attempts at monitoring your traffic.

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