How to Watch Horror Movies Online Free

With tales of serial killers and slashers that are on the loose. Or you can find vampires and creatures, and all those experiments have gone mad. You’ll find it all here. Watch Horror movies online, free.

You’ll find free movie streaming that can deal with all your favourite classic horror movies. There are plenty of sites that offer free horror movies, yet locating them can be a challenge.

You can learn all the best places to find horror movies available in our guide, covering all genres to stream for free.

By the end of this guide, you’ll learn the best free horror movie websites and even bypass any restrictions if any horror films are sitting behind any geo-restrictions where you can watch horror online for free and legally. (Learn How to Watch Doctor Who Online)

Watch Horror Movies Online Free

Best Sites to Watch Horror Movies Online for Free

Here are the best free horror movie websites to watch horror films online for free and legally.

Horror movies have a dedicated fanbase, but they’re not the best-represented genre in the film world. Thankfully, through the wonders of the internet, fans of horror flicks can access a wealth of scary content without much work.

Of course, there are plenty of horror movies on services like Netflix, but those require a paid subscription. When you’re looking for free scares or just want to laugh at a cheesy old horror movie with friends, here’s where you can watch horror movies for free online, legally.


CONtv used to be known as Viewster before being acquired by a new company. It now claims it is the digital destination for Comic-Con fans.

It offers lots of streaming shows and movies based on comic book content. You can, though, find a good selection of horror movies free on this ad-supported service.

While many are back in the premium version of the site, you can select ‘Free’ from the top menu, and you are presented with the movies you can watch free. You can look in the menu, select horror, and then browse the media tiles for those without the padlock and need premium CONtv.

Many films are low-budget, and you may not have heard of most. You get available films from the time the 60s up to more recent as Snakes on a Train and other evil gory offerings for browsers and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Popcornflix Horror Movies


Popcornflix is one of the best free apps to watch horror movies in the middle of the night. You can access it on the web via your browser, and either way, you’ll discover tons of movies and shows.

It is ad-supported yet to get Rosemary’s Baby, Body Bags, Severed, or Creature from the Haunted Sea, ads are a small price to pay on this horror channel. Popcornflix is available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox and is a great way to search for movies of the dead that come back and bump in the night.


RetroVision is a classic black and white movie and TV website. The horror movies lean toward older cinema with films from the 30s to the newest of around the mid-80s.

If you enjoy older movies, you’ll like this site. You will find it hosts movies from the public domain, so everything is legal. With the film age, there aren’t subtitles, unfortunately. However, as all the horror movies are on one page, you can search for what you want to watch.

Movies here include Don’t Look in the Basement and Moon of the Wolf, plus much more living dead.


TubiTV has plenty of movies and TV shows to choose from, all free and supported by ads. The site is easy to use, and a free account allows you to add movies to your queue, and you can see what monster movie to watch next.

The horror section has many movies, and you have ratings, year, length, and genres to see at a glance. Finding so many horror movies in a great streaming package, free, is a great deal.

You have available video quality at 720p or 480p and subtitles on most films, which you can customize.

You can watch movies like Autopsy, and The Candy Witch, Terrifier, and Jurassic Shark.


IMDb TV has a free collection of movies and TV shows available to anyone using a free IMDb account. Like other good free movie sites, you’ll need to sit through ads as you watch. All the available horror movies are of great quality and come with subtitles. (Read Avast Secureline VPN Review)

It doesn’t have a specific section for horror movies, but you can scroll to the Chills and Thrills genre, where you can find most free horror movies. Some of the most notable on offer are The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other evil offerings.

Kings of Horror on YouTube

You can discover many evil horror movies on YouTube, but many aren’t legal, and other new ones come and go over time. The best bet to watch legal horror movies on YouTube is to head to the Kings of Horror channel.

It offers many full horror movies, all legally licensed. You can find content reviews and lots more. Some current crops are Stephen Kings The Mist, The Quija Possession, and 3 Tunnels 2 Hell. (Learn How to Watch HBO Go Australia)

When you watch any free horror movies, you are advised to use a VPN. While the YouTube option won’t face any geo-restrictions, other movie online options do, even if they are free to watch.

A VPN easily bypasses any geo-restrictions, and using one means you can watch and stream all your monster-filled dark movies any time you wish without restrictions.

Suppose you wish to check out another free option, yet may not all be licensed. Full and Binge Horror are better solutions for many, and you can find movies full of blood and gore.

Fear not; your premium streaming VPN can stop anyone from watching what you are doing if these are copyright protected. (Find the Best VPN Australia)

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