How to Watch Game of Thrones in Australia with HBO Go

Ever since its premiere in April 2011, Game of Thrones has taken TV audiences around the world by storm with its unique blend of R-rated violence, intrigue, and high fantasy.

Based on the works of author George R Martin, the show will enter its 7th Season in the mid of 2017, and fans are already hyped about what will come next – given how this show has been a continuous cliffhanger from season to season.


All this excitement is, sadly, limited to audiences in regions where this show is directly aired, and unfortunately, there is very little chance that the upcoming season will air in Australia any time soon.

The show is an HBO IP, and getting access to it requires signing up for expensive contracts with local cable operators, which isn’t affordable for everyone.

Online seems to be the only way for most Australian fans.

How can I watch Game of Thrones online in Australia?


Before going into the game of thrones watch online procedure, here’s a little background:

You’ll need to sign up for an HBO Now / HBO Go account to watch game of thrones online. This is an online on-demand service which allows you to watch hit HBO shows (including GoT) whenever you want.

On the flipside, it is only available to US Customers – but, as the saying goes, where there is a will there is a way.

The service uses your IP to check where you’re accessing it from – and if it’s not the US, you get a message saying that it isn’t available in your region/country. In order to get past this geo-block, you simply have to make your device appear to be in the US.

How to watch HBO Go in Australia?

Game-of-Thrones-HBO-NowIn order to change your online location, you’ll need to use either a VPN or a SmartDNS service. Both serve to make your apparent IP address different from what it really is – so that others on the internet (including HBO Go / HBO Now services) see you as being in the US as opposed to Australia, thereby letting you watch HBO Now and Go while you’re not really in America!

Since HBO Now does not require you to have a cable subscription with HBO, we’ll discuss the use of a VPN service in its context. Here’s how you should proceed to get the app:

  • Sign up for a USA iTunes account – if you already have a local iTunes account, you’ll need to sign out of it, and select your region as the ‘United States’, from the flag icon present in the lower right corner of the store screen.
  • Now that the store content has switched to American, you can create a US account – but make sure you use a fresh email ID for this.
  • You’ll be asked to select a payment method next – if you don’t have a US based payment method, you can simply choose none.
  • You’ll be asked to provide a US address for your account, which you can easily get from one of the bogus address generator websites.
  • You’ll next be asked to verify your email address, which can be done by clicking on the verification link sent to the email account you signed up with.
  • You can now begin to download the HBO Now app from the US Store – but make sure you’re signed out of your regular Apple ID when you’re doing that and signed into the US ID you created.

GoT-VPN-or-SmartDNSOnce this is done, you can start up the app and sign up for the HBO now service in earnest so you can watch game of thrones season 6 and so on.

Before you do that, though, you’ll need a VPN or Smart DNS proxy running on your iOS device to change your location to the US – so make sure you’ve signed up for one or the other beforehand.

With that done, you can sign up for HBO Now – and you can even use iTunes gift vouchers to pay for the service.

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