How to Watch Downton Abbey Online in Australia

Having trouble watching Downton Abbey the BBC show? Want to know how to watch full episodes of Downton Abbey in Australia? Don’t worry; we have you covered. You can easily watch Downton Abbey in Australia by using a DNS proxy or VPN service.

The main issue facing you is how to access ITV in Australia since the player cannot be accessed outside of the UK. Don’t miss shows like Downton Abbey or Coronation Street again.

watch Downton Abbey the BBC show

Whilst trying to access ITV in Australia you may come across the following error on your screen, ‘We’re sorry. ITV Hub is only available to viewers in the UK’. Don’t worry too much about this error, as its easily possible to access ITV and other geo-locked sites through either proxies or a VPN.

Here’s how to watch the series Downton Abbey in Australia. You can watch ITV player in Australia either using VPN server or Smart DNS Proxies.

The basic idea is to spoof your online location so that instead of being shown as being located in Australia, USA, etc., you are shown to be in the UK. This can be done by rerouting your location through different servers and IP addresses.

Once you gain access to ITV outside of UK, you can watch other UK based channels too, like the BBC, Britain’s Got Talent, ITV racing, Good Morning Britain, etc.

Here is an easy guide to using both these methods.

Method 1: Smart DNS Proxies

The benefit of using smart DNS proxies is that you can watch shows from different regions at once. Therefore, you Downton Abbey in Australia by using a DNS proxycan watch UK channels, as well as Canadian channels. They also only reroute activity that identifies your exact location.

The drawback with DNS proxies is that it doesn’t encrypt information regarding your activity. However, it does have a higher speed and bandwidth. Another drawback is that it only gives access to sites provided on the servers’ channels list.

To watch series Downton Abbey through ITV, just reroute your DNS server on the device you are using. Then use a proxy like 123proxy.

Method 2: VPNs

I would personally recommend using a VPN since this gives more security regarding protecting your traffic and Downton Abbey in Australia by using a VPNkeeping away from prying eyes and eavesdroppers. It reroutes all your locations identifying the activity and also gives you access to all sites depending on the location of your server.

It’s very easy to use a VPN, but first, you need to use a VPN service provider. I like to use Express VPN as it has over 500 different servers in 168 different locations. They also give exemplary 24/7 support and help.
Setting up a VPN is very simple. So you can easily set it up through the use of ‘App for all mobile and desktop OS.’ Other than Express VPN (highly recommended) you can also use VPN services like BulletVPN, NordVPN or Express VPN.

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