How to Watch Channel 4 On Demand in Australia

Channel 4 on-demand or 4oD is a video-on-demand service which started as “All 4” from the British Television Broadcaster Channel 4.

It allows you to re-watch any previously aired shows, programs and movies on Channel 4, E4 and or more4 other than their archives.

Channel 4 On Demand in Australia

Unfortunately for anyone outside the UK, these channels and services are restricted through geo-blocking.

Geo-blocking means restricting content on the viewer’s physical location. Meaning some content will only be aired in a specific geographic area, or be restricted from it.

To Channel 4 watch now keep on reading.

How does Geo-blocking work?

Every device that can access the internet has something called an IP address. This address is unique for every single Geo-blockingdevice and cannot be changed.

Much like a normal address, content providers look up your IP address before allowing you to access any content. Other than restricting content based on this information, it is used by larger companies and organisation to make their marketing more efficient.

For example, by looking at the IP addresses of everyone that visits a certain website, they can target other viewers from the same region in case they might have the same preferences, as they usually do.

Why is it done?

Due to copyrights, not everything can be made available to everyone at the same time. Sometimes one type of content is available for free for people of one area, while others have to pay for it. It’s how business work.

How can I watch Channel 4 live online?

You can do this through the use of either a VPN service or a proxy.

A VPN provider will have their network of servers which are located all over the world. These servers act as the middle-man between your computer and the internet. All of your data is first sent to the server you are connected to, and from there it is sent to the intended initially website.

If you want to access any restricted content, you have to connect to a server located in an area which doesn’t watch Channel 4 live onlinehave any restrictions.

In our case, since we want to watch Channel 4 live online stream, which is only available in the UK, we connect to a UK server and start streaming.

Because of the extra step that reroutes all of your data, the internet speed is slowed down by about 20 to 40% depending on which VPN you choose.

That is why you must choose a VPN service that has the least effect on your internet speed.
ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the best VPNs in the business when it comes to streaming. They do not have throttle speeds and offer unlimited bandwidth as well, making them the best choice for any avid streamer.

This, combined with data encryption, gives you that little extra something.

By using either of the VPN mentioned above service providers, you will be able to watch Channel 4 documentaries and even have access to BBC iPlayer Australia.

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