How to Watch Call the Midwife Online Free in Australia

The popularity of British TV shows is, no doubt, rising and another one in the list is Call the Midwife, the series about a group of midwives who worked in London.

Watch Call the Midwife Online Free in AustraliaIt portrays the lives of a group of midwives in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The story follows the new midwife Jenny Lee in the convent, Nonnatus House. Working alongside other midwives and the nuns, this series shows the harsh living conditions in the Poplar district of London’s impoverished East End.

Their work is to help in safe childbirth in the area and to look after the newborns. In the process, Jenny also discovers the warm hearts and the bravery of the mothers.

Access BBC iPlayer

For all those who are wandering the websites to know where to watch Call the Midwife, Season 1, you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer, the internet streaming service from the UK’s BBC. The service is available on PCs, mobiles, tablets and also on smart televisions.

BBC iPlayer Call the MidwifeApart from the most-streamed Sherlock, The BBC (the public service broadcaster with headquarter in London) has some shows which have found their place all over the world. From Downton Abbey to Miranda, British TV has a variety to offer. And you can watch them all on the iPlayer online.

It lets you stream high-quality TV and radio shows, as well as movies but because of TV licensing limitations, it is available only to the viewers in the UK. You can, however, download the episodes or movies you like and it would be available for the next 30 days to view, wherever you are.

That means you can view all Call the Midwife episodes offline on time you are comfortable with. You are required to install BBC iPlayer Desktop though, also.

Access iPlayer from Australia

Although not official it is entirely possible to access BBC iPlayer from Australia. If you too are one of those thinking “How can I watch Call the Midwife?” connect to a VPN server in the UK and make BBC think, you are in the UK. When you connect to VPN, the VPN service provider hides your real IP and provides you with an address of the country you want to be connected.

VPN access BBC iPlayer from AustraliaVPNs are a safe way to gain access to internet services blocked at your location and setting them up is easy. There is a long list of VPN services catering to Australia, and you need to choose one which offers good speeds as they may affect your speed to a considerable amount.

Now that you got access to iPlayer, you have to register an account with them. The account registration is free, but you’ll need to give some details like your date of birth, gender, and email address; and also a valid UK postcode. After that, you can watch Call the Midwife for free.

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