How to Watch Better Call Saul Online in Australia

Almost everyone knows about Breaking Bad and the tales of Walter White. Once these finished fans were clamoring for more but the show had run its course, but then Saul Goodman stepped up, and for a spin-off series it has become almost as enjoyed as the show that spawned a raft of stars.

With a new season on the way, viewers in Australia are eager to watch Better Call Saul Online and are wondering how they can do this and be up to date.

Shows that are viewed by other means are behind the times, so there are plenty of spoilers around, so going directly to the source is the best way to go.

AMC is the home of Better Call Saul, so that is where we will look, but first let’s take a quick look at what is expected from the show.

Watch Better Call Saul Online in AustraliaSeason 4 of Better Call Saul

Earlier in the year, the show went back into production after 3 seasons of Better Call Saul went and is aired first on AMC before finding its way onto other channels.

In the latest season, we follow the tale of Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) who is further on his path to becoming Saul Goodman.

The shows slowly meld together with Breaking Bad so lovers of both can see how it all ties together. Jimmy McGill makes a prominent appearance as Saul Goodman, and with him are plenty of other characters.

Gus Fring who is the mild-mannered super-villain is in there to stir things up a little. Viewers are in for a real treat as always because Jimmy never disappoints.

Better Call Saul Netflix viewers using VPNWhere to Watch Better Call Saul

Because of the popularity of the show, countless Australian viewers are wondering where they can catch the show.

There are a few as you can see here. There Better Call Saul Netflix viewers can use to find the shows, or there is as mentioned AMC.

As with most streaming services from another region, these are geo-blocked, so watching either of these will need the use of the best VPN provider for Australia.

AMC now offers their app which is available for Android, iOS. With this, you can quickly watch a Better Call Saul stream while you are on the go with your mobile devices.

This offers the same AMC full episode service, so there are even more great shows you can watch.

One of the better-known shows which have been running a while is the Walking Dead, and the AMC app delivers the Walking dead 11 full episodes so if you are binge-watching, you don’t need to wait until you are back home to carry on.

With season 9 of the Walking Dead 11 full episodes will be available that deliver a drastic change in the direction of the show.

However, it is the app to catch up with Jimmy viewers will be most interested in. With episodes, extras, 11 full episodes from previous seasons, the AMC app has more Saul content than anywhere else.

It doesn’t matter which device you use to catch up with Jimmy and his adventures; each supports AMC full episode catalogue so going back to watch earlier sows is easy.

There is only one downside to AMC. It requires a TV subscription service in the USA to watch it, and it will be part of your cable package.

Using the AMC App

Using the AMC app is pretty straightforward when you follow a few simple steps and use a VPN which is making you appear in the US.

  1. Download the app from the designated app store
  2. Obtain the activation code and head to on your computer or mobile device
  3. Once there, enter the provided activation code and log in with chosen TV provider details
  4. Begin watching your desired full episodes and any extras that might be available

Full episodes are shown as a TV subscriber benefit, with a provider which shows episodes 1 full episode at a time. It is this reason you need to verify your account.

On occasion, the AMC app will show episodes without login, or anywhere it says, please enter your email address.

You can check, and you never know you might be able to watch Better Call Saul free, and without logging in.

VPN to Unblock AMCUsing a VPN to Unblock AMC and other Streaming Services

To watch a Better Call Saul stream can only be done using a VPN service. This is because of the geo-restrictions which are in place.

The best VPN providers can mask your IP address, so it makes it appear you are in the United States.

These VPN’s do much more than this, and the best and most popular will protect your online privacy by encrypting and securing your connection.

Not all VPN’s are the same, and some promote themselves as offering a wealth of features when in fact, they mislead the public.

With this, here is a details overview of some of the most popular VPN’s on the market.

Based in 5-eyesNoNoNo – based off-shore, BVI
Zero loggingZero logs, but the website uses trackersNo – They claim they do, but handed over records in 2017Yes
Fast speeds to Australia Average and sessions limited to 3-hoursSlowYes
Allows TorrentingYesYes but with logging, not secureYes
Access Netflix, AMC, & other geo-blocked services YesNetflix can’t be accessed on mobile appYes
Money back Guarantee45-day offered31-days but with restrictionsYes – fast and no quibble
Customer support responseAverage 24/7 support not yet workingPoor with scripted responsesFast – live chat
Ease of useEasyEasyVery Easy
Supported countries6014094+

When you compare the ExpressVPN app and how the service as a whole performs, you can see it is head and shoulders above the others.

Just reading our PureVPN review, you can see they have features that don’t work and also do have some data logging while claiming they don’t.

CyberGhost is also not as honest as they make out. With a website which logs user activity and sessions that last only 3-hours, being able to watch full episodes of Call Saul back to back won’t be possible.

The best VPN for Australian users is easy to sign up to and requires very few steps.

  1. Head to the website
  2. Select one of the plans
  3. Enter your email address
  4. You will receive a verification email
  5. Download the app from the link and install.

A password is automatically generated, so there is no need to create a new password. As soon as you are installed, you will input the verification code, and you are protected and can watch Better Call Saul as much as you wish.

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