Do American Netflix DNS Codes Work in Australia?

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American streaming service that broadcasts movies, videos, award shows, documentaries and much more.

The main advantage of Netflix is that you can watch hours of TV series without any commercials or interruptions. Only people in the US can access it, and it is blocked outside the US.

American Netflix DNS Codes

What are DNS codes?

DNS are codes that are used to access blocked content. And with the help of Netflix DNS codes, you can access Netflix outside the US. Many companies claim to provide free DNS codes for American Netflix, and some of them even charge for that.

American NetflixFree DNS codes have become scarce for the last few months, and most of these codes are fake. US Netflix DNS codes are hit, or miss and they work for only a short period, and you need to update them time and time again.

After thorough research, we have concluded that the combination of the best VPN service and SmartDNS is an ideal solution for you. With VPN service, you will get supreme level safety, and with SmartDNS, you will be able to watch Netflix on every device.

Best VPN Service

There are many VPN’s available, but you need to choose according to your location. For example, if you are in Australia, you must choose from ExpressVPN and NordVPN. ExpressVPN is Australia’s best VPN service.

Once you have chosen a VPN service, it is time to set it up. Follow these steps to set up your VPN:ExpressVPN Netflix

  • Go to the website of your chosen VPN and make an account.
  • After that, download and install the app.
  • Launch the app and log in to your account.
  • Look for a US server.
  • Once you have found that, tap “Connect.”
  • Now you are all set to access American Netflix from Australia.

The important thing to remember here is that there are no reliable free DNS codes for American Netflix and the companies who claim to give free DNS codes are fake. If you ever found a working DNS code, that will work only for a short period.

The best way for you to access Netflix is by a VPN. With VPN, you will be able to surf the web with full protection. VPN will take care of your personal information, and DNS will allow you to use Netflix on every device.

Netflix is getting more well-known day by day, and you can’t miss out on that. If you are outside the US, you need to be extra smart to access Netflix, and using a DNS code is not a good option.
They are usually fake and only work for a short period. (Learn How To Update Kodi)

If you want to stream American Netflix outside the US, VPN should be your priority. Just choose an appropriate VPN service according to your location and follow the steps mentioned above to set it up.

After reading this guide, I hope that you will be able to answer the question “Do American Netflix DNS Codes Work in Australia.”

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