Ultrasurf VPN Review

Ultrasurf is in a field of its own when you look at VPN’s. In effect, it is not a VPN; it is totally to use and requires no login.

Ultrasurf was created because of the censorship that faces millions of internet users in China who sit on the other side of the Great Firewall of China. (Looking for the best VPN for China?)

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We will look at what this service can do and find out, is Ultrasurf a good VPN or a good VPN alternative.

Ultrasurf VPN as good VPN


  • Ultrasurf download is portable, so no installation
  • Efficiently unblocks websites
  • It can be used to keep the anonymity and for safe browsing
  • Uses automated IE functions which remove browsing history and cookies
  • It can be used as an add-on for Chrome and Firefox


  • Can conflict with some anti-virus
  • No online customer support
  • Users can’t select locations
  • Slows down connection speeds


Ultrasurf is 100% free software; it is open source. There are no plans, no sign-ups, subscriptions.

Internet users use this anti-censorship tool at their own risk. While it does not deliver anywhere near as much as a top-rated VPN, it is enough for casual use as a free VPN.

Ultrasurf VPN Features

Features and Benefits

The Ultrasurf VPN has some things going for it, although it does appear dated. Millions of people use the service every day to access pages they would not be able to view.

The software has changed, and by default, it opens Google Chrome and automatically connects to the company servers.

The anti-censorship tool device support is minimal and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. The popular anti-censorship tool has apps for Android mobile devices.

The company website claims the software hides your IP from websites unless WebRTC is enabled. Unfortunately, Chrome users cannot disable this by default.

All data that is sent through browsers will be encrypted using SSL algorithms. When you see the company website, they claim encryption happens between your connection and the Ultrasurf servers.

However, from company servers to further web servers, no data is encrypted. Additionally, HTTPS data is tunnelled without an interception. This leaves fragile areas because not all connections are yet HTTPS.

For all of the apps and client software, no user data is altered with the free service.

When you look at features, it is thin on the ground, and there are only certain things users can configure. These are as follows:

  • Enable Hotkeys
  • Hide Windows
  • Do not set proxy
  • Start Chrome Automatically (greyed out if not installed)
  • Delete Cookies and history on exit
  • Close browsers immediately on exit
    Do not close Chrome when exiting.

An Ultrasurf download does not allow users to change their location. This causes problems with streaming because when users wish to access something like Netflix.

Although it did allow access during testing, this is not to say it can reliably do so. It was never intended for that kind of thing, and maybe it is more a fluke than something that will always happen.

This may be because the proxy servers are in the USA, so Netflix already thinks the user is there.

Users who take part in torrenting will be in for the same kind of shock. It does nothing for protection while downloading torrents, and your IP address will still be available to your ISP.

The biggest problem is that torrents happen outside a browser, and no data is secured unless you use the software with Chrome.

Kodi users will be faced with the same false sense of security. It streams directly without ever using a browser, so all your information is still accessible to your ISP and the MPAA. On the other hand, any other agency that is watching for Kodi-add on use.

The software can help, and the software with millions of users must be doing something correctly. This is a massive difference to pay for VPN’s, which rely on continual marketing and use lots of paid VPN reviews to get their service noticed. (Read Android Best Browsers)

Ultrasurf even has a recommendation for Harvard University. However, that was back in 2007. Nonetheless, this shows it served a purpose then, and it is still serving a purpose now.

Speeds are one area that varies, and this is nothing where the free VPN proxy service does anything wrong.

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It is down to the fact their network is congested. With so many users, this is way above many top tiers. VPN is, so their speeds are admiral for something, which is entirely free.

A downside to free means there is no online support, but users can email them. Getting a reply may be a very different thing altogether.

One thing to note is, they do keep minimal logs for 30-days. These are not shared with anyone, but they are based inside the USA, a 5-eyes country.

If requested, they may hand logs over to comply with the law.

This is strange because they have no data on users apart from their IP. The service has a content filter, but like the previous testing, this was not working reliably, and there are some bugs in the system now and again.

Ultrasurf VPN to bypass censorship


The Ultrasurf VPN is not a VPN in the real sense, it was never supposed to be, and it never will be.

As a free tool for masking IP’s, it does a decent job. When users merely want to circumnavigate censorship, this tool is as useful and a lot safer than many other options.

It costs nothing, and you can use it where you want on your mobile device. Is Ultrasurf a good VPN? This is very easy to answer.

Because it is not a VPN, then no, it is not, but as the tool, it was designed to be, it is ideal for making users safe in public Wi-Fi zones or who want to bypass censorship.

It is free, so you may as well try it, do not expect it to deliver what a world-leading VPN service will provide to its users.

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