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If you are an avid gamer and haven’t heard about Twitch yet, it’s not your fault. This social media platform for game lovers is blocked in a whole lot of regions.

And even if you can access it, you may experience glitches because of ISP throttling.

Twitch is a video game streaming platform where gamers broadcast their games live. You can follow your favourite streamers, connect with them, and subscribe to channels, but that’s not all on Twitch.

Twitch social media platform for game loversYou can get social and chat on the side screen with other available users in real-time and thus, meet some like-minded people.

But why is Twitch blocked? Read further to know, and I am also going to explain how to get Twitch unblocked. After reading this article, you can also block Twitch ads and even bypass ISP throttling.

Why is Twitch blocked?

Twitch gained popularity because of the real-time socialising with other gamers. But not everyone likes you to be busy chatting when you have to work.

So, many institutions blocked Twitch access. Another reason is censorship. Governments want some content to be not available to the citizens. So, they block it for reasons best known to them.

Following are the different types of blocks imposed on Twitch –

  • ISP blocksblocked Twitch access
    When officials find something is harming them, like social media networks, they instruct the ISP to block the website. Since they can’t control what’s going on there, they block access to the site. ISPs even blocked YouTube in many countries.
  • Institutional blocks
    Your office is the place where you make yourself useful. So, the administration blocks video streaming services and social networking services. It can be the reason you cannot open Twitch in your office (or school).
  • IP bans
    Even Twitch bans suspected users. The Twitch IP ban affects all devices using that IP address. It may not be you who violated the terms but someone on the same network. If many people share Wi-Fi, like in-home or hostels, they all have the same IP address.

Those were some of the things not allowing you to access Twitch TV. But there are other problems associated with Twitch streaming, such as ISP throttling your network speed.

Streaming services eat up many network resources, and thus your service provider lowers the speed while you stream.

But you can bypass all these restrictions by using a VPN.

How to get a VPN?

Most (almost all) of the blocks on the Internet work because of the IP addresses. This address is the unique identification address for a device on the Internet. Every region has a separate set of addresses, and thus, implementing mass blocks is easy.

VPN servicesAnd VPN can help you get past these blocks by faking your IP address. You download the VPN software, sign in to your account and connect to one of the servers available.

And you are now way past the block. Yes, it’s that easy to use a VPN.

When your connection is successful, the server hides your public address and masks it with one of its own.

Thus, if you connect to a server in the US, expect an American IP address for your device. And you get access to services available only in the US.

And a VPN can also bypass ISP throttles with the help of its encryption system. A VPN server encrypts any data that passes through it, and your ISP won’t know what you are using the connection for. (Read Pokemon Go On iPad)

With a reliable security protocol, you can be sure that your ISP can’t read your online activity. And what’s more, some VPN software clients can even block ads.

So, you can watch Twitch on iPhone, Android, Xbox and PlayStation without ads. Twitch also has streaming support for Fire TV devices.

How to block Twitch ads?

TunnelBear is a free VPN service that also has a browser extension. Apart from an integrated proxy service, this add-on also serves as an ad blocker.

block Twitch adsWhile you can efficiently live stream Twitch videos with the TunnelBear VPN, the browser extension gives you an ad-free experience.

Yes, you no longer need the paid Twitch Turbo service or Twitch Prime to get rid of the ads. While the free TunnelBear plan is excellent to kick-start your journey with Twitch, it has a drawback.

The monthly data transfer allowed is only 500 MB. Moreover, it doesn’t have many servers, and the transfer speed it offers is quite average.

Also, the number of the supported devices is less. TunnelBear can unlock Twitch for Android, iOS, PC or Mac, but you are out of luck if you use any other platform.

By the way, if you opt for the paid service, the data cap is removed. And talking about paid VPN service providers, ExpressVPN is the one many people rely on in Australia.

Best Twitch VPN

ExpressVPN has many servers around the world. Therefore, not only can you watch Twitch unblocked, you have access to many services worldwide. Moreover, the servers are reliable and provide excellent speed for trouble-free Twitch TV streaming in Australia.

It also offers the top encryption system available, which helps you hide internet activity from the ISP. It won’t throttle Twitch and VPNyour speed anymore. So, download ExpressVPN and enjoy as many live video game streams as you want.

ExpressVPN doesn’t have any cap on data usage. So, you can stream videos all day long, chat with active users, upload your videos and share your expertise. Moreover, ExpressVPN is available for a wide range of devices. Whatever tool you use to stream Twitch TV, ExpressVPN has you covered.

It is available for your PC and Mac, Android and iOS devices and also on gaming consoles. Express VPN will also unlock Twitch for Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Connect Twitch with Amazon Prime, and you can enjoy free downloads and watch all your favourite events without any lag. Also, have unlimited private chats while ExpressVPN is running; your ISP won’t know about it.

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