Tunnelbear Review

If you’re a regular internet user, you must have heard about the rising concerns over online privacy.

Nothing is private when you’re on the grid – people who know how to can see what you do. And getting a VPN is the best you can do to keep your privacy safe.

There are many VPN service providers; some are free while others charge for their services. Here I give you the detailed TunnelBear VPN review to help you a bit in making a decision.

TunnelBear VPN

tunnelbear free vpn


TunnelBear is a paid VPN provider based in Canada, which also offers VPN services for free. And it has servers in 20 countries around the world.

Moreover, you can use the TunnelBear software on Android and iOS devices to keep you safe while on the move. Then, you can use it on your home PC and Mac, and it also has a browser extension for Chrome.

Go through this Tunnel Bear review to find out more about TunnelBear prices and the features offered by this VPN.


One of the primary features, why users love TunnelBear, is the ease of using the software. It also supports all the major operating systems and is a free but secure way to access the Internet.

TunnelBear highlights

Is TunnelBear safe? Yes, it offers the OpenVPN protocol, one of the safest encryptions available.

And does TunnelBear keep logs? No, it doesn’t and thus, providing you with the privacy you want. They do not keep a record of your browsing activity while you are using the service. OK, let’s see the features in detail.

Tunnel Bear Review Features

While TunnelBear doesn’t support many devices, you can use it on your primary device and supports use in 5 devices at a time. You can setup TunnelBear for automatic launch and connection at startup and yes, notifications.

It also warns you from using unsecured Wi-Fi, if you connect to any. But if you want to use it to keep you safe while using BitTorrent, you will be disappointed to know that TunnelBear for torrenting doesn’t work.

TunnelBear doesn’t support the P2P BitTorrent protocol, well, as of now. So, if your primary need of VPN is for torrent downloads, TunnelBear is not for you.

But it does provide you with a VPN kill switch which blocks the traffic when the server faces connection problems.

They termed it VigilantBear. Another nifty feature is the GhostBear. There are sites which prevent you from accessing them if you use a VPN. So, the GhostBear mode hides any trace of you using a VPN, and you pass the website’s check.

TunnelBear devices

tunnelbear free vpn

Even Netflix disapproves the use of VPN. But in case, you are in the GhostBear mode of the TunnelBear, Netflix still is inaccessible.

It can’t unblock Netflix. Netflix offers a different catalogue for different regions, and if you want to watch Netflix US, you have to take another VPN service provider.

TunnelBear offers many other features like DNS leaks prevention and a range of security protocols to choose from.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • A reliable service.
  • It provides the option of free VPN service.
  • Presence of a kill switch
  • Bypasses VPN detection
  • It doesn’t keep connectivity logs.
  • It’s secure.


  • Limited servers available and TunnelBear speed varies a lot across the servers.
  • Not compatible with many streaming devices
  • No torrents support.


TunnelBear offers three plans

  • Little
  • Giant
  • Grizzly.

Although it doesn’t give you the option for a free trial, you can use it for free (with limitations) opting for the little package. The monthly data transfer is though capped at only 500 MB.

For unlimited usage, go for the giant package available at a monthly rate of USD9.99. The annual plan, by the way, is there at USD59.88 which gets you unlimited tunnels at only USD4.99/month.

There are no other individual plans available and no money-back option if you aren’t happy with the service.

They do have a team plan for five devices at a time. It is available at USD69 for a year and also offers a 7-day trial option. And for payments, you can pay with your card and even Bitcoins for added privacy. Yes, TunnelBear doesn’t have PayPal on the list.

Privacy and Security

As for encryption, this private VPN service offers OpenVPN, IPSec and IKEv2 security protocols to encrypt your data TunnelBear securitytransfer. With these encryption options available you can be sure your browsing activity is not visible to the service provider (or snoopers).

Not only does TunnelBear encrypt your online activities, but it also keeps no records of what you do while using their service.

Thus, you can be sure no one can force them to get your browsing history. Absolute privacy there! But it does keep minimal information required for daily operations.

Apart from your registration details, their records contain the operating system you use and the TunnelBear app version. These details help them in assisting when needed. And they also have a history of your data usage, only the number.


When it comes to help and assistance with VPN issues, TunnelBear has a detailed Help page. It has all the troubleshooting information you, probably, will need for successful private experience with TunnelBear.

They have information on getting started with the service, all the way to technical support topics.

And if your problem isn’t on that list, you can use the contact form to get help from a Bear out there. You can expect a reply in 24 hours. But if you need instant help, you are out of luck; they don’t have a live chat feature.


While TunnelBear looks good with its features, it may not be suitable for all. It works well for those who need a little privacy while they are online, but not for those who stream a lot.

The lack of support for a range of devices proves to be a hindrance there. Also, the less number of servers limits the options for geo-blocked content.

tunnelbear free vpn

No support for torrents and no Netflix can add to your discomfort. You are good to go with TunnelBear if all you want is to prevent the Internet from making your life public.

It has competitive prices, and the number of servers is decent enough for regular, reliable usage.

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