The 8 Best Torrent Sites for New Movies

Although it is possible to get many new movies via streaming, there are still many people who want their own physical copy of the movie.

For a quick afternoon catch up it is far easier to watch a copy that has been downloaded rather than find a streaming link.

With Kodi add-ons, there is also a constant commotion when it comes to torrent sites. There are the same legal battles over copyright infringement, and many popular sites have been shut down.

Best Torrent Sites for New MoviesMany sites re-appear in a different guise, but behind it all, they are still the same movie torrent sites we all know and love.

You can find lists of working torrent sites online, but with the changes on the torrenting scene, what was a high recommendation can quickly become a, has been.

Here are 8 of the Best Torrent Sites for New Movies:

1. The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and well-known sites for torrents of all kinds, and it has had its own problems.

It managed to bypass the government’s intrusion somehow and is still breathing life into the torrenting community. For almost 15 years, this has been at the very top of torrent search engine rankings.


This is an excellent site for the latest movie torrents because most of what is on offer are clean versions and high quality.

All movies are listed under subcategories, and when you use the RARBG search, you can easily see the varying definitions of each torrent download.

3. 1337X1337X

This site offers a considerable amount of the latest torrents in a massive list. You might need to search because most torrents are listed together until you search or click on a sub-category.

The main page is at 1337x. To lists alternative domains, so they are having problems and are helping users to access alternative domains.

4. Torrentz2torrentz2

This was originally plain old Torrentz and was reincarnated as Torrentz2. It is still a public favourite even after their eu domain stopped showing magnet links.

Several users complained that their torrent list has reduced in size, but it is still an excellent source and worth checking.


YIFY is more of a group than a website. However, their releases can be found on the YTS site. The domain for this can be either or

There is confusion over the name, but end users have no concern over that and are more than happy with the high-quality torrents the group serves up on their top torrent sites.


This site became huge last year, and for this reason, it became blocked in many countries. It comes with a clean interface, and speeds are reported to be good, but with all the attention it receives, it is one of the good torrent sites that recommend you use a VPN.

7. ZooqleZooqle

This site is also a crowd favourite, which can be down to their 3 million-plus verified torrents. Most of its popularity came when KickAss Torrents was shut down.

One downside is that it requires you to create an account, which is a little contradictory to downloading torrents.

8. KickAss Torrents

This site was one of the best for the latest torrents, and as we all know, it was shut down after the owner’s arrest. (Read Facebook Best Alternatives)

However, like the number one on the list, good things never want to die, and you can use a few KickAss search engine mirror sites. These are as follows:

Always Use Protection

A good many ISP’s deliberately bottleneck torrenting sites or block them altogether. This is due to mounting pressure from legal groups, and also, a lot of bandwidth is consumed with this downloading.

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It is harsh and needs must, so signing up for a VPN allows you to access any latest movies torrent site that is blocked and stop anyone seeing you are visiting these sites.

The area in which Australia lies requires an outstanding VPN service to uphold robust connections and provide high enough speeds to make torrenting a breeze rather than a chore.

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