How to Watch the Orville in Australia

How many of you are still watching Star Trek? Yes, the die-hard fans do. But many of its supporters have shifted to the Seth MacFarlane Star Trek spoof, the Orville.

Apart from bringing something fresh on the screen, the credit of the show’s popularity also goes to the Orville release date. The show went on-air right when Discovery was around the corner.

The show’s premiere attracted about 11 million viewers and became the highest rated show launch for Fox US. So, let’s check out how to watch this new space series online.

Orville watch online

Watch Orville online

This sci-fi comedy show has taken inspiration from the Star Trek and watching it feels like you are watching scenes from the original series.

And if you want to see the Orville watch online on Fox’s online streaming service. It is available on your Android, iOS or Windows devices and also on the Amazon and Roku machines.

This 1-hour episode series by MacFarlane is set in the world 400 years from now and revolves around a mid-level space exploration vessel, the USS Orville. Humans and aliens co-exist in that world and also serve as crew members in the Orville.

The future earth is a peaceful civilisation and has 3,000 (space) ships. It is a part of the Planetary Union and Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane), the Union officer gets on his mission to command one of these ships, the Orville.

And while he assembles his crew, he finds the First Officer to be his newly divorced ex-wife Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki).

This series shows the dangers of the outer space, and how the crew faces them. It also shows the emotionally troubled Mercer and the various humorous problems that we face in our workplace. All workplaces are same, whether it’s a small room or a spaceship, no?

The Orville has managed to capture what the classic Star Trek had, and if you too are interested in the Orville watch online on Fox Now.

The only problem is that the show is available on the Fox US website and its content are not available outside America. The Orville is also available on Hulu Plus and DirecTV, but with similar viewing restrictions.

But there are ways to bypass these restrictions. I will show you how.

Orville on Hulu Plus

Watch Orville in Australia with VPN

Fox identifies your location with the IP address even if you turn off location data. And you can spoof your IP address with the best VPN service provider. When you connect to a VPN server, it encrypts your network and hides the original IP address. The server then gives you a new IP address of its own.

ExpressVPN is one of the providers which many users trust. The service is reliable and fast, and it also has many servers abroad, plenty in the US.

When you connect to a server in the US, your device gets a US IP address. Now, with a US IP address, you are free to catch up streaming from Fox Now. And with full privacy, without anyone knowing.

There also is another way, the SmartDNS way, but the SmartDNS servers do not encrypt the network. Thus, your Internet Service Provider will know you are watching Fox US streaming in Australia.

What else’s on the Fox US?

When you have the much-needed access to the Fox, you not only can watch the Orville but all the famous Fox shows including The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Although you need a US cable subscription to watch live TV, you can catch up the episodes later when it’s available without subscription.

Orville on FoxFor the new shows, episodes are available a day after the TV airs. For the shows with Season 2 onwards, they are available on Fox Now after eight days of airing.

They are available the very next day, but for the first week, they are available only for those with a US cable TV subscription. So, you can watch the Orville after a day it airs on the US TVs. But for Empire, Masterchef, Glee, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bones or others, you have to wait for a week.

But you need to register first. The service is free, and you won’t need to enter your credit card details. Give them your name and email ID, and you are ready to watch your favourite episodes of The Simpsons, Gotham or Minority Report.

Only the recent five episodes are available for those without a cable TV subscription. So, catch the Orville episodes before they vanish. Good luck. Have fun.

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