What is Stremio & How to Use It

One of the new applications that brings you a host of streaming services under one roof is Stremio. It is a media player like Kodi and coming up as a popular alternative to it.

The install and download process is similar to a Kodi download, but there are operational differences.

So, let’s find out what it is, and if Stremio is better than Kodi.

Stremio is a media centric application

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a media centric application than uses third-party add-ons to provide a range of movies and TV shows. Similar to a Kodi addon, you can install Stremio addons to get the streaming services you want.

The number of add-ons available is, however, limited compared to Kodi. But you can sync your content across devices without additional setup.

Thus, you can download Stremio for Windows, set up and then sign in to your Stremio Android device without any difficulty. It’s because the add-ons are installed in the cloud and not on the computer.

Stremio download is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also set it up on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire TV.

How to install Stremio on Kodi devices?

Unlike Kodi, installing and using Stremio is easy. You can either go to the respective app store or download Stremio app from the website. Downloading Stremio for Firestick and other Fire TV devices, however, involves different steps.

Stremio on Kodi

The steps to install Stremio on Fire TV are similar to that of Kodi –

  • Toggle on “Unknown Sources” from the Settings >> Developer Options.
  • Install Downloader from the app store.
  • Use the web browser of the Downloader app to open https://strem.io.
  • Download the Android installation file.
  • And Install.

After the installation is complete, you will need to log in. Either create an account or Log in with your Facebook account. You can also use the Guest Login, but the content won’t sync with the device then. Now, let’s see how to use it.

How to use Stremio?

After you logged in, not only you can stream movies and TV shows but also organise the library. Based on the categories you picked during set up, Stremio also suggests your content of your interest. And if you don’t find anything interesting, search what you want.

Stremio will then search through the streaming services available and bring you the content from those sources.

Stremio appsDepending on the add-ons installed you will get a list of free and paid services to pick. Free streaming services include providers like Crackle, or you can choose the paid ones like Google Play, Netflix or Amazon.

While some videos play in the Stremio app itself, most of the listed content open on the website of the service provider. If you can’t find the video you want, you can install add-ons to get access to more service providers.

Although, the number of available Stremio addons is less compared to Kodi, there are many torrent streaming addons and also live TV channels. And whatever add-on you chose to install is available across all the devices you sign in.

Moreover, when you are signed in, the watching history is also available on all the devices. So, if you got to leave for work, you can continue watching on your mobile while travelling.

This service, however, requires you to make an account with Trakt, and authenticate it to access your Stremio account.

Another feature that gives Stremio, an edge over Kodi, is the remote control of the software. You can scan a QR code, go to the link and then start controlling the software from your mobile or tablet. The devices, however, should be connected to the same network.

In addition to Trakt, you also need a Stremio VPN to unblock region-locked content.

Stream Stremio with VPN

There are some services which are restricted because of licensing rights. Netflix, for example, serves different content catalogue to its users.

What you get on Netflix Australia is very different from what an American user gets with Netflix US.

Stream Stremio with VPNBut you can watch content from any country and content provider if you run a VPN software on your computer.

A VPN server changes your IP address. You get an American IP address with a US server and a British IP with a server in the UK. If you go with the VPN reviews, most suggest ExpressVPN, and it indeed is reliable.

When you download ExpressVPN and connect to a server, apart from giving a virtual IP address, it also hides your network traffic.

This feature provides you with an added benefit of privacy while you are streaming online. All your data passes through the secure VPN server, encrypted.

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