How to Watch Big Bang Theory Online Free

The Big Bang Theory is a hugely popular television series that has been around for 11 seasons with the final twelfth season airing now.

Because of broadcasting issues, catching this show in Australia as it airs in the USA is almost impossible.

Being able to stream Big Bang Theory is possible in the US, so for all lovers of the show, that is what we are aiming to do here.

Not only are we looking at ways to watch Big Bang online, but also how you can do it for free.

Before that, we’ll take a quick look at what makes the show so special.

Watch Big Bang Theory OnlineWhat is the Big Bang Theory?

The show is about Penny who moves in across the hall from two socially awkward physicists and takes it upon herself to show them there is plenty of life outside the lab.

Actors and actresses in the show include:

  • Kaley Cuoco – as Penny
  • Johnny Galecki – playing Leonard Hofstadter
  • Jim Parsons – as Sheldon Cooper
  • Simon Helberg – as Howard Wolowitz

There is plenty more in the cast who are all involved with the exploits of Leonard and Sheldon as they work in Cal Tech and find out with the help of their friends, none of them seem to have much luck with women.

Such is the popularity of the show, it even reached a piece in Entertainment Weekly about the show ending.

Where Can I Stream Big Bang Theory?

There are a couple of options to watch TBBT online, but some are easier than others. It is unfortunate that Channel 4 in the UK isn’t showing any episodes of Big Bang because that would have made things really easy.

Another streaming service closer to home TVNZ could be an option, but this has a monthly subscription, so it falls outside of the remit of this article.

CTV is Canada’s number one broadcaster, but to access this, you need a cable provider to log in to the streaming services.

Amazon Prime video is halfway to being free, but you do need to subscribe to access this service. It does come with plenty of content as well as their well-regarded Amazon Originals shows.

One of the best options to watch Big Bang via Amazon prime is the addition of CBS All Access, but again there is a fee for Amazon, and then an increased fee for no adverts.

Reading the above, you would reckon there are no streaming sites or services where you can find Big Bang.

But, now there are two options, and in a way, they come down to the same thing. Additionally, they do both need a VPN to watch online because of geo-blocking.

Big Bang Theory on HuluHulu with Live TV

Although a streaming service in its own right and following Netflix, Hulu does come with the chance to watch CBS shows (spot the link).

It can bring all your favourite shows, such as Big Bang, all the latest news and lots of full episodes to catch up on. There are also lots of shows on Hulu that are exclusive.

Hulu can be a great option. It has 50+ top Live and On Demand TV channels that include sports, Channel 9 news and much more.

There are two downsides to this option. The first being it is again geo-blocked, and the second Hulu Aus is $39.99 after the 1-week trial.

Once you bypass the geo-blocking, it is easy to sign up and only requires minimal details and a US Zip code which can be found on the internet.

Big Bang Theory On CBS All accessCBS All Access

CBS is home of Big Bang, so it makes sense to head to there first. But, with this, you still need a VPN to access all of the services and the mobile apps.

What you do is to use a VPN client to mask your connection, and set the location as being in the USA. From here, the sign-up procedure and accessing CBS, be it online with the website, or using the mobile app is straightforward.

To access a live stream, you first create an account. All the service asks for is as follows:

  • Name and a password
  • Email address
  • US Zip code – these can be found on any US company website

The good thing with this is that with this streaming service, there is a free trial so you can watch season 12, episode one, two, three or whichever you like, without it costing you a penny.

Watching Big Bang With a VPN

Because the all-access app comes with an Android app, you will need a VN that works on Android, luckily, the two options here both do, as well as a more significant number of devices that will allow you to stream, watch online no matter if you are at home or on the go.

Our first suggestion is NordVPN. This is one of the top performers you can find among VPN’s, but on occasions, it suffers from slow network speeds when connecting to some servers.

This might cause buffering while you are streaming, especially if you are using a mobile device.

In all other areas, it is at the top of its game. It delivers top-end encryption, customer service and also a 30-day money back guarantee, however, this is slow in forthcoming.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, delivers the best speeds on all devices. So if you use a VPN app on a mobile device, there is less chance of buffering or stuttering during playback of Big Bang.

This VPN is at the very top of the industry and sets standards that other VPN’s follow. It is easy to sign up for and bypasses any geo-restrictions where many others fail.

So, for lovers of Big Bang in Australia, there is no other VPN recommendation to make. You can easily watch the final season of Big Bang as it airs live in the USA.

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