How to Set up Kodi and Stream Movies and TV Shows

These days there are dozens of different streaming services, but all of them have their limitations.

Kodi in all devicesLet us take American Netflix for example. It is the most popular streaming service in the world at the moment. It still isn’t all that great.

A number of TV shows and movies that are available on Netflix cycle every few days. Meaning if you are watching a series today, it might not be available tomorrow when the copyrights expire.

I prefer something more stable myself.

What is Kodi xbmc?

Kodi TV Channels

Kodi started out as XBMC when it was first released years ago. It is nothing new and has been around for quite some, but it was only in the last few years that it has started to gain popularity.

Kodi is a free media streaming app or a Kodi, media player. Think of it as a media player like VLC. It was created for the Xbox console by Microsoft, hence the name Xbox Media Center (XBMC).

Since it was first created back in 2003, more than 500 software developers and 200 translators have worked on it altogether. It is an open-source software, meaning you will always see improvements and innovations coming now and then.

Is Kodi Legal?

Set up Kodi and Stream Movies and TV Shows Absolutely. Kodi itself has no issues, and although some could argue otherwise, at the moment, it is not illegal. It does not host any media itself, so it is not breaking any laws, and neither are you when you use it.

Now what are up for discussion are Kodi add-ons. As previously mentioned, Kodi itself is a harmless media player, but with the help of its plugins and add-ons, you can have access to an massive library of TV shows, movies, documentaries and any other type of content that you can think of for free, very similar to torrents.

Now these videos are hosted without the permission from the copyright holders are illegal, but as far as I know, no one has been charged with watching such content. If you are uploading and distributing such content then that is a different story this is a prime reason to use a VPN when using Kodi.

Best Kodi addons:

• Exodus: probably the most popular and most downloaded add-on for Kodi, the people that made Genesis are behind this little piece of art as well.
• UK Turks Playlists provides a wide variety of content which includes everything from cartoons for kids to documentaries, fitness, and game shows.
• Specto is a very well-rounded add-on that provides a plethora of different types of content from TV shows and movies to news and other media.

How to use Kodi services?

Kodi Best addons

You will need a Kodi box for that. Once you have purchased it, you simply need to start it up and download the plugin that is most suitable to fulfill your needs.

But be careful not to buy a Kodi box that is already pre-configured to access copyrighted TV shows, movies, and other content. That is illegal and would be against the rules.

If you buy a normal Kodi box and then configure it yourself everything will be fine.

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