The Top 4 Privacy and Security Browser Extensions for Safari

Online technology brings people closer and closer each day. It’s that wonderful term ‘globalisation’ at its finest, making us all happy, virtual neighbours. The only thing is, some of our neighbours aren’t so friendly.

It’s no secret that online information can be insecure. It’s the reason for all the precautions taken with online transactions. It’s why so many sites offer a ‘password strength’ application; or why it can be such a nightmare accessing your online banking from abroad.

Because while the Internet is a weird and wonderful place, it is also larger than we understand, in many ways.

Luckily, for every intelligent scammer, there’s an equally smart computer geek working for the good guys. That’s people like us.

People who just want to access the incomprehensible database which is the Internet, without having our every click tracked and targeted. Because it isn’t criminal that you need to be concerned about online.

Most tracking technologies are sourced by advertising companies. These can range from harmless little web beacons to flash-cookies which store and can even revive deleted cache data.

And while you may not have any particular beef with ads, at the very least they will slow you down. Pop-up windows, flashing promos, alert screens, and a spam-filled inbox; it’s a nightmare.

Ad-blockers, along with script-blockers, can improve your browsing experience. They target third-party scripts which can collect your data anonymously—sending it wherever they please. Protect yourself and your online browsing by doing a little research.

Or, save yourself the time and read through my recommendations. I’ve compiled a list of my top 4 security browser extensions for Safari, along with an additional honourable mention. Which I present to you now.


An open-source product (which means that you pay as much as you would like to for it), Disconnect is a quality choice.

Heralded in the New York Times as the best online privacy tool, with good reason. Protecting you from tracking, malware, and malvertising, Disconnect is an extensive security tool.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus safari extensionAdBlock Plus safari extensionOne of the most common ad-blockers on the market. It is an incredibly easy-to-use product, which might be partly why it’s so popular. Where other services offer extensive option lists, AdBlock Plus keeps it simple. It is either On or Off.

This is easily toggled by an icon in the corner of your browser. So, after set-up, you don’t ever need to touch or think of it again. Unless you want to.

JavaScript Blocker

This is perhaps the most powerful script-blocker on the list. An incredibly aggressive tool, this will seek out and JavaScript Blocker safari extensiondestroy malware without issue. The only warning label I will add is that it can be a little too strong, at times. It can break some sites, and if you are not an experienced user, this can be a hassle.


1password is a fantastic tool for those of you who might be a little forgetful. Set-up an 1password safari extensionaccount two years ago, only to find yourself suddenly logged-out?

Without any idea of your password? 1Password securely saves and records your password information, so that it can be easily retrieved when needed.

Honourable Mention

My honourable mention goes to ExpressVPN. Another great privacy option for browsing, particularly well-suited to Mac and iPhone products. Less extensive than others on the Top 4 list, ExpressVPN is still a great safety choice and an excellent way to use a VPN.

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