How to Watch Riverdale Online Free in Australia

The characters of the Archie comics come to life on CW with the Riverdale TV show. Set in the fictional town of Riverdale, the story revolves around lives of Archie and his friends inside that small town.

A teen gets killed on the 4th of July, and everyone is under suspicion. Archie and his team (friends) take this mysterious case and in the process uncover the mysteries of this ‘perfect’ little town.

The ‘new’ Archie sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let’s see how to see the Riverdale episodes online.

Watch Riverdale Online Free in Australia

vpn for cw network

Stream Riverdale online

The TV broadcast of Riverdale is exclusive to CW. For those who can’t watch the broadcast of Riverdale watch online on CW’s on-demand streaming. The service is available on most of the streaming devices including PC, Mac, Android devices and iOS devices and for free.

You don’t even need a cable TV subscription to watch CW online. Not only you can watch Riverdale, watch series Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and others you like, all for free. You need to deal with commercials though.

CW updates the website about 8 hours after the episode has aired on the TV and you can then catch up the show there.

Netflix also has bought rights to stream Riverdale, but it streams the episode only 24 hours after the TV broadcast.

Watch Riverdale in Australia

As said earlier, Netflix has rights to broadcast Riverdale. The content is available not only in the US but also in otherWatch Riverdale in Australia by VPN regions including Australia. So, if you have an active subscription to Netflix, you can stream right away. The problem is a wait of 24 hours.

If you find the free streaming by CW tempting and don’t want to wait for 24 hours for the Netflix streaming, VPN is your friend.

Not only a VPN virtually places you in the US, but it also provides you with privacy. Based on the VPN reviews Australia has ExpressVPN as the best VPN service provider. Express VPN review by experts and also the testimonials by its users show it is doing a good job here.

When you connect to a VPN server, it masks your IP address and gives you an address of that country, the US, in our case. The website thinks you are in the US and opens up its services for you. Quite easy, no?

Sign up for CWTV

The process of viewing the CW’s streaming isn’t difficult. It’s one of the simplest, in fact. There is no need for subscription, and everything is free as stated above.

Riverdale by CWTV

The channel earns from the commercials which come up at regular intervals. But at least they make the service free.

Not only is the CWTV free of any subscription fee, but it also doesn’t even ask you for your personal details to log into it. Anyone from the US can get there and enjoy their freemium services. Those abroad can always use a VPN to do the same.

Sounds too good to be true? Then try it to believe it.

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