Private Internet Access Review

What is Private Internet Access VPN?

It is a service in cloaking, securing and encrypting your location for your Internet Protocol address (IP). This service will allow you to enjoy many region restrictions for free, without compromising your security. It changes your IP address as well as your location by using a secured and private “tunnel” for your IP address in accessing these websites.


Private Internet Access is very safe to use

Private Internet Access is the current top leading VPN services in multiple regions such as Australia, France, Germany and Hong Kong Singapore and Italy. Japan, Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Canada, UK, US, Brazil, India, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand and the Netherlands also recognize Private Internet Access as it’s number one VPN service. These regions have their private VPN tunnels or encrypted Gateways and IP addresses.

What happens if I don’t set up Private Internet Access?

  1. If you love going to a coffee shop and connecting to a public WIFI, your personal details are exposed. Especially when you are doing monetary transactions. This means your private information is at risk.
  2. Gaming using either these devices; phone, personal computer, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and other gaming consoles that need an internet connection isn’t safe. Lots of gamers complain that they couldn’t purchase cheaper contents from a different region (because of the region restrictions) and restricted areas like Australia can’t use the full function of their gaming subscription because of these limitations. That doesn’t stop there, with regards to security, numerous people make DDOS attacks with or without reasons. DDOS is a cyber-attack that will disrupt your service on the device you are using and might be affecting all devices which connect to your router. It overloads your system and causes it to crash, and you won’t be able to connect to your online gaming.
  3. Online Banking. DDOS aren’t just for gaming, but perpetrators also attack websites that have significant banking transactions to steal credit cards information.

When those abovementioned happens, it is harder for you to secure your information and recover them once you PIA-vpnwere attacked. This kind of VPN service rejects any intrusions from unwanted sites. It hides your location and IP, and therefore, protects your information, and allows you to re-route your data queries.

It also gets you to a particular place and accesses the service for free as if you’re really in that region like accessing Amazon Premium, Netflix, Hulu, BBC online, HBO Now etc. and download or stream your favorite contents without being monitored by your Internet Service Provider or from the Client’s website. Internet Service Provider in various regions is very strict in downloading and streaming contents for free due to Copyright.

But thru this, you can enjoy those services without worrying to have your access or account being at risk.

You may choose any of the following subscriptions that will surely fit your needs:

1 month: $6.95 per month recurring for all VPN features.

6 months: $35.95 per 6 months recurring for all VPN features ($5.99 per month)

12 months: $39.95 per year recurring for all VPN features ($3.33 per month)

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