Private Internet Access Can’t Connect To Internet – What To Do

A VPN connection is supposed to help users protect their online privacy. It secures connections when online and security for sensitive data.

For many reasons, connectivity issues can occur, like a port in use by the app restricted or blocked on your network.

PIA or Private Internet Access VPN is one of the more popular VPN services you find. It offers decent security with a great features list. (Read our Private Internet Access Review)

It supports P2P support, ad-blocking, malware blocking, unlimited bandwidth, zero traffic logging, and over 3200 servers in 46 countries worldwide.

Tips in Fixing Private Internet Access Errors

The VPN is straightforward to use and even set up. However, PIA does not connect to Windows 10 like other VPNs, which may have issues connecting to the Internet, even if the VPN shows it’s connected.

When you are stuck with Private Internet Access loading, you can use this guide to determine the reasoning and fix them.

Why Does my Internet Connect but Say No Internet Access?

It’s frustrating when connected to WiFi but with no Internet. It is often changed in your OS or router settings, yet causes may not appear. To fix, you’ll have to try different fixes. Here are some options to help get the right one and fix WiFi connected but no Internet error.

Router Issues

For router issues, connect devices like phones or laptops. If you get internet, the problem is your device. If the internet doesn’t work on other devices, the problem is the router or internet connection.

Power off your router for a few minutes and restart it. Doing this will flush the cache and resolve associated network and software issues.

Problem with Internet Connection

Sometimes, it may be the internet connection or broken cables; the service is down or other.

It is vital to know if it’s your internet provider. Check the “Internet” light on your modem is working. (Find the Best Free VPN for Australia)
If lights are not on or flickering unusually, contact your internet service provider.

DNS Conflict

DNS cache stores website visits to load pages quicker. Your DNS cache can become corrupted on occasions should you face viruses or ads and banners bombarding your machine.

Press Windows + R and type “cmd.”

Type ‘ipconfig/flushing to flush your DNS cache. Restart your computer.

IP address conflict

IP address conflicts are when two devices are assigned the same IP address. If this happens, neither device can connect to the network. It is rare, yet it can happen if you have a static IP and one from DHCP.

In the command prompt, type ipconfig/release to get a new IP. You can also restart the device that has an IP from DHCP.

How Do I Fix Network Connection but No Internet Access?

When PIA not connecting to Windows 10, you can go through this section to resolve your issues.

  1. Reinstall Private Internet Access
  2. Go to Programs and Features.
  3. Search for PIA and select it.
  4. Press Uninstall.
  5. Confirm in the pop-up window. Click Yes.
  6. Make sure to reinstall the PIA VPN service from official sources.
  7. Reactivate the app as you log, and it should connect to the nearest VPN server to your location.

Check Connection

When Private Internet Access doesn’t connect, disconnect from PIA VPN and try internet access without the app running. You could find the kill switch has stuck somehow. If you can get access without the VPN, connect the VPN, and try the following solution.

If there’s no access to the internet with the VPN disconnected, the problem is your internet connection. Restart the device and check network settings.

Connect to Another Server Location

PIA has many server locations, pick another one, connect to it, and check you can access the internet from the new server location? If you connect, it may be an issue using the previous server location.

Change VPN Protocol

Private Internet Access uses different protocols and remote ports to connect to a server, such as

The protocol and remote port may face blocks in some countries. Select your protocols such as OpenVPN TCP, L2TP, and PPTP to resolve the internet access issue. You may also need to change the remote port as well as obtain access.

Private Internet Access Features

How Do I Use Private Internet Access?

Private Internet Access features a slick interface, over 3,000 servers, and 10 simultaneous connections.

The company allows you to use P2P file-sharing on its VPN servers. Private Internet Access doesn’t limit torrenting to specific servers. You also have split tunnelling, which allows you to say which apps use the VPN and which don’t.

This is suitable for low-security activities, such as local video streaming video. It doesn’t offer many more features, such as multi-hop connections where the VPN connection uses an additional server, making it harder to intercept or block traffic.

VPN Protocols

Pia’s VPN uses different protocols. OpenVPN is the best, although Private Internet Access also supports older L2TP/IPSec. Private Internet Access now offers WireGuard as the most recent you can choose.

Servers and Server Locations

More server locations mean more choice to spoof your location and find a server where you want to connect to the internet.

Private Internet Access offers servers in 30 countries, and Private Internet Access has over 3,000 servers.

Some VPN services use virtual servers; Private Internet Access will clearly mark virtual locations, provide access and data, and privacy where servers cannot be hosted.

Hands-On With PIA

The Windows version of Private Internet Access installs in seconds. Sign up, and you get new login details, and the issue of the dated VPN client app is long gone.

Open the app, and you have a large Connect button. Click it for the best server. Select the location box, and you can choose a VPN server with ease. You can choose a country or city, but not a specific server. (Read Top Browsers for Android)

Additional settings window lest you make account changes, set port forwarding, and make even more changes.

The new app interface is still bolted in place, and you open it by clicking the Private Internet Access tray icon and can’t move it as a regular Windows app. Click outside the app, and it vanishes.

Private Internet Access and Netflix

Many streaming video services block VPNs, and Private Internet Access isn’t reliable for Netflix access.

Additional VPN Features

VPN companies often include privacy features to secure customers’ data. Private Internet Access includes an ad-blocker and malware protection in their MACE feature. However, it doesn’t work in Android apps because of Google restrictions.

Speed and Performance

Download speeds and upload speeds were measured using the Ookla speed test app. Private Internet Access offers decent speeds yet is not groundbreaking.


Private Internet Access supports apps for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and browsers. These hide the IP address and traffic, using servers in a variety of locations.


With a new interface, the Private Internet Access VPN provider offers ease of use it was missing. It works to protect users’ privacy and data with the kill switch and secure connection type.

You also get 10 PIA simultaneous connections to have a PIA client app on all your home devices. Customer support is better than many, yet it doesn’t offer instant support as other services.

Is Private Internet Access Legit?

PIA is legit and has a large number of loyal users following them. It offers decent speeds supports Android and other devices. (Find the Best Australian VPN)

It keeps users safe yet falls in the likes of Netflix access of the service. It has a new client, and it goes a long way to keep data safe and the security high when using the services.

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