The Best 3 Firefox Browser Extensions to Protect Your Online Privacy

Online privacy is not just about protecting your online banking details. That’s important, yes, but there are more common threats than that. Some of which you may not even be aware of.

Every time you access a website, you are likely being tracked in any number of ways. Whether it is a simple ‘web beacon’ or some slightly more malicious tracking technology, companies want to know when you visit a page.

No, we’re not talking about the government for now. We are talking about the countless businesses who need to know what you are doing online.

Firefox Browser Extension for PrivacyAre you opening those scam-filled emails? How long do you spend on a product page? Are you more likely to buy a product if you spend over a minute on their web page?

While any of these pieces might seem somewhat harmless on their own, consider this. Every website you have ever visited is looking to track similar information.

And there are those with intentions beyond mere advertising who can work to access this information. That is, if you are not protected.

Firefox offers some simple browser extensions, designed to protect your online privacy. As a general rule, when it comes to Firefox vs. Chrome, Firefox in itself is a safer browser.

Just regarding how much information is cached, and how many cookies are stored via the Firefox browser system. That being said, it does not include any inherent firefox ad blocker. These are where add-ons come in, and here I’ll briefly outline my top 3 selections (in no particular order) for protecting your browsing privacy through Firefox.


This is often considered the best add-on for more advanced Firefox users. For any website you visit, uMatrix offers a uMatrix2D drop-down menu, where you can enable or disable loading for content as you please.

The matrix style can be quite extensive, and overwhelming for less experienced users. However, if you want full control over your content and hosts

uBlock Origin

This extension is one of the most popular out there. With lower memory and resource intensive demands, uBlock offers the fastest performance of any option. Unlike other services, it doesn’t cache all of your filters.

It simply takes a snap-shot and draws from this for quicker load-times than cache-based extensions.


Named by the New York Times as the best privacy tool (2016), Disconnect is an open-source product.disconnect

Firefox users have been enjoying its benefits for years now, and with its quick page loads and reduced bandwidth requirement, I can understand why. A top adblocker for Firefox.

That wraps up our top 3, but I’m not quite finished with.

Honourable Mention

Another product which didn’t quite make the top 3, but is still worth exploring, is the ExpressVPN Firefox add-on.

If you are interested in VPN services Australia, consider ExpressVPN for Firefox. A quality Virtual Private Network server with user-friendly download, installation, and operation.

For protecting your online privacy, these are my strong recommendations. Products such as uMatrix and uBlock offer both default and manual options, so if you are tempted, you might even combine the pair. Explore a little for yourself with each service, and ensure that your browsing is, above all, secure and safe.

Looking for the best privacy add-ons for Chrome? Click for our Chrome Browser guide.

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