The Top 3 Chrome Browser Extensions to Protect Your Privacy Online

It’s a digital age, but this doesn’t mean that we understand all the technology that we use. Our iOS phones, laptops, SmartTVs and the rest, are incredibly complex pieces of equipment. With systems and codes that would be enough to make your head spin.

Fortunately, we don’t need to know what goes on under the hood to use them. A click here. Install an update there. We are the masters of our technology. Aren’t we?

Chrome Browser Extensions for Privacy OnlineWell, perhaps not to the extent we would hope. You might be surprised to learn just how much of your web activity is tracked and analysed.

No, this is not some ‘the government is spying on us’ conspiracy. But many advertising companies are. And that’s no conspiracy; it’s just an out there fact.

Cookies & Trackers

While you browse, you may have seen pop-up screens talking about cookies, caches and similarly familiar-but-unknown terms. You might have only clicked, ‘yes’ or ‘I agree’ without thinking about it.

And while this probably isn’t the end of the world, you are indeed allowing much of your browsing information to be shared with any number of sources.

Companies that would like to target specific ads. That kind of thing is common, but there are also more sinister trackers out there. Ones which you would like to protect yourself against.

So, if you are looking for the best chrome extensions, specifically a chrome ad blocker, here is a list for your benefit.

I’ll quickly run through the top 3 privacy extensions for chrome, with an honourable mention for the fastest VPN Australia has to offer; the ExpressVPN Chrome VPN browser extension.

uBlock OriginuBlock OriginuBlock OriginuBlock Origin

This is my number one selection, for some reasons. One thing about uBlock which has so many people raving is its efficient performance. UBlock is far less resource intensive when compared to similar extension services. This means that it won’t slow you down, and you can safely get on with your work at your usual tempo.


Our Runner-up is Ghostery. A product designed to detect and block tracking technologies, protecting your data while also aiming to speed-up page loading. With a pleasant, easy-to-use interface, Ghostery is a pop-up blocker chrome users will certainly appreciate.

HTTPS EverywhereHTTPS Everywhere

A close third is HTTPS Everywhere. Similar to Ghostery’s focus on protecting your data, HTTPS Everywhere encrypts your information with the major website to make browsing more secure.
As of yet, there are still some functions and sites that are incompatible with HTTPS Everywhere. That being said, this is still a top 3 choice for Chrome privacy extensions.

Honourable mention

Another product which doesn’t quite make the top 3, but is worth a mention, is ExpressVPN for Chrome. The VPN model of protection differs slightly to other AdBlocking services. However, for ensuring your privacy online, you will be well-protected by ExpressVPN.

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