Popcorn Time Review (Is Popcorn Time Safe)

Popcorn Time is a popular application that lets users watch movies and TV shows online as watching Netflix. It differs from many free streaming services as the open-source app downloads video torrents directly to the built-in media player.

Unlike most regular torrent clients, Popcorn Time does all the hard work out of sight. So, as soon as you select a video, it begins to download, and you can watch it almost immediately.

The way this is automatic P2P (peer-to-peer) app works has helped it increase in popularity.

BOSS TIP: Access Popcorn Time Safely in Australia
  1. Choose a fast VPN – Our #1 Recommendation is ExpressVPN (it’s fast and secure)
  2. Connect to a USA server (they are faster for Popcorn Time)
  3. Head to Popcorn Time and start streaming 🙂

Start Watching Popcorn Time with ExpressVPN

However, many Popcorn Time users don’t often know that streaming free on Popcorn Time is committing piracy. Here, as you download, you upload (seed) in the same way, and this sharing of content on Popcorn Time is copyright infringement. (Learn How to Get American Netflix in Australia)

In our reviews of Popcorn Time, you can find out more about the program and how you can fix errors or use the app safe and away from any prying eyes.

Is Popcorn Time Safe to Use?

In most instances, Popcorn Time itself is safe to use. The app itself is not malevolent if you download it from a reputable source such as the official website.

However, you will never know where the streams come from when you use Popcorn Time, and there are also rogue versions of Popcorn Time in existence.

The unofficial versions can be filled with malware by hackers.

Like many apps or sites of this nature, they often don’t host any content; there is nothing illegal about using Popcorn Time.

However, in the fight against piracy, many countries ban the use of Popcorn Time.

In countries such as the USA and the UK, receiving letters from ISPs can be common if involved in such practices.

Germany has increased its stance on copyright infringement and also issues its version of such notices.

If you can find, ISPs have to retain data and activity logs for extended periods in countries like Australia or Canada. Using Popcorn Time is illegal in Australia because its sole intention is to enable access to content not authorised by the copyright holder.

Popcorn Time Issues

Which is the Real Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is open-source software and has since been abandoned by the original creator. As it is open-source, it allows anyone to convert the code for their use. Various developers have since created forks of the app, and not all are honest about their intentions.

Popcorn Time. The app claims it is the closest thing to being the “official” version of Popcorn Time.

It was endorsed by Federico Abad (AKA “Sebastian,” who was Popcorn Time’s original developer) before it underwent many name changes.

Any user using Popcorn Time is recommended to use a VPN for various reasons. PT.app itself promotes the use of a VPN service.

Rather than use a VPN recommended by a service that offers pirated content, you are better picking a premium VPN with a background in keeping users’ identities safe and secure. (Find the Best VPN in Australia)

PT.app can work on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Android TV. The default catalogue is vast, with up-to-date movies and TV shows.

The Popcorn Time APK for Android offers the same movies and TV shows as the desktop variant. Initially, for Windows, you can run the Popcorn Time Android app to stream to your phone or tablet.

You can’t find it on the Google Play Store, but you can find it in other locations online.

To stay safe, there are a few things to note. Movies or TV shows you stream are torrent files. The Popcorn Time APK cuts out the middle of the process, so you no longer need to wait until the download has finished. PT will play the movie directly in the app. Thus, you are downloading the video to your device temporarily.

We have seen downloading TV shows and or torrents illegal in most areas because of copyright infringement.

Why Is Popcorn Time Not Working 2021?

You can find a few reasons for Popcorn Time not working. Here’s some information regarding issues.

Popcorn Time Stops Working

Even with millions of downloads of Popcorn Time, the free films torrent streaming app. It can suddenly stop working.

First, the domain Time4Popcorn.eu has been suspended, and the client apps stop working for a while. (Learn Can Kodi Update Automatically)

Since the website gets moved to a new domain, it can take a while for the app to update its links. If you still have issues, you can try the following.

Solve Popcorn Time Not Working

To solve Popcorn Time not working or error loading data problem. You can uninstall Popcorn, Reboot your PC, and reinstall the app.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Popcorn Time app:

  • Android – 3.4.1
  • iOS 7 and above – 1.2
  • Windows – 6.0
  • Mac – 6.1

Right-click on the Popcorn Time icon and select “Run as administrator.”

If this doesn’t fix any issues, then it could be the service has been blocked by your internet provider (ISP). The solution here is to use a virtual private network (VPN).

VPN for Popcorn Time

Finding a Popcorn Time VPN?

You won’t find a free Popcorn Time VPN or any recommended one that is safe and reliable. Many VPNs don’t support torrenting, and without a VPN, your ISP can see exactly what your IP address is accessing. It can either record your activity or block access, and you can’t use Popcorn Time.

To use Popcorn Time, you need a particular VPN that offers plenty of premium features.

  • High connection speed
  • A strict no logs policy and doesn’t retain user information
  • Supports P2P downloading and torrenting
  • A kill switch to prevent risks of detection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Lots of security features such as military-grade 256 Bit AES encryption, full secure protocols, split tunnelling.
  • Can bypass geo-restrictions

You will find you need a VPN provider with a large number of VPN servers in different countries. It is these that help them bypass such restrictions and stay out of the sight of the law.

ISPs can see considerable traffic when you stream over your connection, yet they don’t know what it is.

Premium VPNs help users avoid any risks of detection with DNS and IPv6 leak protection. Besides this, you can sign up for a VPN and make use of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Start Watching Popcorn Time with ExpressVPN

With this, you can test all the functions and features by using Popcorn Time or using US Netflix as a safer way of watching a movie or TV show.

Is There Anything Better Than Popcorn Time?

You have a couple of options that may be better than Popcorn time. However, it would help if you still had a VPN for access and to stay safe.

CouchPotato is Popcorn Time’s best third-party alternative. You can quickly download your favourite movies, set the video quality, your chosen search engine, and more.

You can build your playlist of any content and add the next movie to watch next automatically. There is also a Chrome extension to find new movies from a site.

It is easy to use, and you will need to get a VPN to hide your IP address on your device and keep your identity anonymous.

It functions in a similar way to Popcorn Time and will grab as much attention once popular. It doesn’t come with any ads, just the next part in the series as it airs. Just make sure not to use it without a VPN. (Read more: Watch Hulu in Australia)

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