Popcorn Time Review (Is Popcorn Time Safe)

Popcorn Time is a popular alternative app for 123 movies that allows users to download free movies online. In this Popcorn time review, we will discuss this and more.

Unlike a regular torrent client, Popcorn Time executes all the work under the surface and allows users to select their video and watch shows instantly.

The automatic actions of this application have increased Popcorn Time’s popularity.

Popcorn Time Streaming Services

Popcorn time

The biggest problem is that many Popcorn Time users do not know how the technology works and may be involved in illegal activities. This is the reason why it meets with much resistance from governments around the world.

Besides, there are several versions of Popcorn Time in circulation, and not all of them come from reliable sources.

In our Popcorn Time review, you can learn more about the latest version of Popcorn Time. You can also see how to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect yourself when using Popcorn Time.

What Is Popcorn Time?

With VOD services, things are now very different for people who want to watch movies and TV shows online.

Streaming services make it easy for users to instantly access entire libraries of films or programs. While there are traditional ways like Netflix, many users often look for cheaper or free options.

Enter Popcorn Time, which is open source and free to use, and allows users to stream the latest content from anywhere in the world.

In its short history, Popcorn Time attracts a lot of attention for many reasons. Many users are still unsure about the legality of the app.

Popcorn Time runs on peer-to-peer networks that use the BitTorrent protocol as a transmission method. With its own built-in media player, it does not rely on Flash Player to play its movies.

With its rise in popularity, it is easy to see why it became one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

Popcorn Time Legality

Is Popcorn Time Legal in Australia?

The Popcorn Time software is legal, depending on its use. It merely delivers content that users seek to watch. If you are sure the torrent-streaming source is legal, then you are not breaking the law.

However, if you stream copyrighted content, things differ. Users don’t realize that Popcorn Time uploads as well as downloads, so you can unknowingly be taking part in piracy.

The issue becomes more unclear, depending on where you live. Places such as the UK have the app blocked like many other torrent sites where it finds its content.

Using Popcorn Time without VPN in Australia means, your ISP monitors all your online activity and can see what you are accessing, they also retain this data for 2-years.

Much of the attention of using Popcorn Time to watch this content is because it was created specifically to find and view content that performs copyright infringement.

Is Popcorn Time Safe?

In most cases, you can say, when you download Popcorn Time, the app is safe. However, there are many forks of the app, and not all are reputable.

Because of this, you can also find the reason for many problems. One of the more common being Popcorn Time invalid media errors.

While you can see a version of Popcorn Time up to version 6, this isn’t the official version, and it could be full of malware or possible viruses. The new version for the Popcorn Time safe revision is 0.4.4.

While there is a Popcorn Time Android app, and it runs on Windows, macOS, Samsung Galaxy, and Linux. You need to download a separate Popcorn Time iOS app that may or may not only work on jailbroken iPhones.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time

Best VPN for Popcorn Time

The best way to stay safe when using Popcorn Time to watch your latest movie is to use a VPN service.

VPNs hide your online activities by encrypting your traffic and protecting your identity and location through the masking of your real IP address.

While you may consider free VPNs, these can collect your information and use it for resale or targeted ads.

Apart from this, the choice of VPN providers that deliver private internet access to Australia is severely limited. Not all Popcorn Time VPN providers cater to remote regions, and they focus their efforts solely on Europe or the United States.

Here we have three of the best Popcorn Time VPN services you can find for use in Australia.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers over 3,000 servers at 160 locations. It provides native applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and others. With custom firmware for routers, DNS content unlocking for numerous media streaming devices such as smart TVs, game consoles, Galaxy S20, and others.

It also enables five simultaneous connections for all family Popcorn Time users. The 24/7 live chat support assists with any problems, and it is easy to be up and running in minutes.

ExpressVPN bypasses restrictions on all streaming platforms, and you have full support for torrenting and peer-to-peer networks on every server.

It offers industry-standard encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection, and a zero-logging policy so you can use Popcorn Time safely.

Popcorn time

2. Surfshark

Coming from the BVI Surfshark offers plenty to watch Popcorn Time safely. The VPN comes with OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2 security protocols, AES-256 encryption, and kill-switch to stop your internet connection if your VPN drops while on peer-to-peer networks.

Surfshark uses a private DNS and double VPN hop with a zero-logging policy. It delivers speedy internet speeds to stream from any service such as Netflix, Popcorn TV, or iPlayer.

You will see it covers the same devices as Popcorn time, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and others like FireStick devices.

On this, you have unlimited device connections, so all the family can access the best streaming websites with no worries of ISP’s or governments seeing.

You can check out all the features using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is another good VPN performer. It offers 1,400+ VPN servers in 70+ countries with unlimited P2P traffic.

You can make use of the 10 simultaneous connections using the Android app, iOS, Windows, Mac, Fire TV, and many more. However, the iOS app doesn’t come with a kill-switch.

It makes it easy to access any number of streaming platforms. It offers plenty of secure encryption and uses the best protocols to keep connections to Popcorn Time safe from spying eyes.

There is a zero-logging policy, and with secure encryption, users have no worries about any of their internet access being throttled, or seen with excessive use.

You will find these the best VPNs for accessing Popcorn Time while staying as safe as possible. However, to make sure you have the best chance to remain private and unseen, ExpressVPN does deliver the best experience.

Every user can experience the best connection speeds for no Popcorn Time buffering, and the highest security possible. To test, you can use the industry best 30-day money-back guarantee and cancel if you find it doesn’t meet your needs.

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