How to Delete Instagram Account

Maybe you are spending too much time sharing your life on Instagram and want to get more productive now.

Or you don’t find it good enough to devote some time to it. There are times when you are tired of socializing, keeping up with your friends’ restaurant updates, and want to get off the grid.

Instagram in our lifeThere can also be privacy concerns; many people are wary of. Whatever be the reason, let’s first help you decide if you want to do a permanent Instagram delete or deactivate it for some time.

It isn’t a complicated process to permanently delete Instagram, and you can do away with a few clicks and confirmation.

Privacy policy of Instagram

Following are the information Instagram collects from you:

Basic information – Your personal details such as name, number and email address.Instagram Privacy policy
Contents you post – It has access to all the photos you post there, the likes, comments and even the archived photos. It is all somewhere in their data-house.
Contacts – Instagram can look up your contact list if you have permitted it while using the “Find friends” feature. It can also skim through your friend list on the social media accounts linked to give you suggestions about people to follow.
Device information – It collects info about the device you use, its operating system, etc.
Usage information – It uses cookies to check your activity with the service.

And how is all this information used? Most of the time, Instagram uses it to curate the service it provides to you, but there is more.

Advertising – Instagram uses the data collected from you to know your interests and show you ads targeted at you.
Third-party sharing – Instagram works with many third-party advertisers, and they may get hold of this data. Also, legal authorities can always ask Instagram to share information for investigation purposes.
Product testing – Your data can help Instagram develop new features, and it may be provided to anonymous beta testers.
Personalised experience – Last but not least, you get suggestions to follow users or discover content by your interaction with the posts.

How to deactivate the Instagram account

If Instagram privacy isn’t your main concern and you want to spend more time with life, you can disable the Instagram account for a while. Deactivating it will make the account invisible, and it wouldn’t delete any of your contents. Let’s walk you through the process:

1. Open your browser and go to (account deactivation isn’t possible from the app, either deactivate Instagram accountiOS, android or windows).
2. Login with your credentials.
3. Once logged in, go to your profile. You will then see the option to “Edit Profile.”
4. Scroll down until you see the “Temporarily disable my account.”
5. Select a reason and then enter your password again.
6. Click the “Temporarily Disable Account” button.

And you are now invisible, well your profile is. If you want to activate it again, all you need is to log in with the same credentials.

If you are afraid of your information getting into unauthorized hands, you can always delete your Instagram account forever. Doing this will remove all photos, videos, likes and comments associated with the profile. And you can’t use the same username to sign in again.

But wait! There are things you can do to get better security and privacy with your account.
How to make Instagram more private

Make account private – The first step you can take is to change the profile to a PRIVATE ACCOUNT fromInstagram Photo tags the options. Only the confirmed followers can then see your posts.
Block followers – It feels good to have many followers, but a follower can see everything you post even if the profile is private.
Turn location off – You can also stop Instagram from tracking your location. You can turn off this feature to stop giving away details about your whereabouts. You should check photos in your profile that have geo-tags added. Sharing these can help someone know your schedule.
Photo tags – Don’t let anyone share their photos with you tagged in it. It would help if you first approved it. The option to “Add Manually” is available in the “Photos of You” section.
Stop authorising third-party apps – You can log into your Instagram account from a browser to “Manage Applications”, which have access to your profile. This option is available below the “Edit Profile” option.
Use a VPN – Using the Internet through a VPN like ExpressVPN gives you added privacy. They encrypt your browsing activity and also don’t keep any logs of it.

With all said, you can have a better experience with Instagram. If you still want to, let’s see how to delete your Instagram account on iPhone, android or windows.

How to delete an Instagram account

How to Delete Instagram Account

  1. Open from a browser.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Select the reason and then enter your password again.
  4. Next, click the button “Permanently delete my account”.

And it’s gone.

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