Overplay DNS Review

SmartDNS is billed as your “all-access pass to an uncensored internet” by Overplay. You use Overplay DNS to Overplay DNSconnect your devices to an unrestricted and expanded web. It works on all your devices, from laptops to smartphone and tablets.

It even works for your Smart TV! So, you would use this for HBO streaming in Australia. Usually, this service can only be accessed in the US. Using this service allows watching your favourite shows as they are released, without having to wait!

Difference between VPN and smart DNS

Smart DNS works similarly to a VPN (virtual private network) proxy and allows you to download or steam content you wouldn’t normally be able to. For example, content that is usually blocked for viewing in your area, like US only Netflix shows.

DNS vs VPNUnlike a VPN, a smart DNS proxy doesn’t encrypt communication or direct all internet traffic through the proxy. Instead, it directs the traffic selectively (mostly popular streaming services) through the proxy.

Only the information required for a user to view the content they wish directed through the proxy, rather than being directed through VPN services in Australia.


Smart DNS is not a tool to be used for security. It does not provide the user with privacy or anonymity. It does not change your IP address as a VPN does, all it does it re-route traffic that is needed to determine your location.

Having said this, OverPlay offer a Smart DNS + VPN package, which provides you with the best of both worlds. Protecting your privacy and allowing you to access all the content you want to.


OverPlay DNS has 48 servers located in different locations around the world. This ensures the best connections speeds are achieved for users and enables users to change the country they appear to reside in.

Smart DNS ReliabilityWithout the need for encryption (which can slow the process down), the connection is super speedy and shouldn’t slow down noticeably. OverPlay receives much better reception than Unlocator. In an Unlocator review, it was described as a “back-up” for Smart DNS if it isn’t working for some reason.

Recently there have been reports of issues with OverPlay, Netflix blocked access for some regions and users were reporting errors when trying to access content.

Ease of use

There isn’t an app for OverPlay’s product, but the reliability and effectiveness of the product will outweigh this con. There are lots of beneficial guides showing you how to get setup on your different devices.

There are separate guides for different gaming consoles, mobile devices, and streaming devices. This means you aren’t blindly trying to figure out what you should be doing from the generic guide. The tailored guides make the process of getting set up easy and are accompanied by pictures throughout.


SmartDNS plans start from $4.95 a month, and SmartDNS + VPN starts from $9.95 a month. You can upgrade of downgrade your package under your OverPlay login. With a few clicks, you can downgrade or upgrade your package to suit.

Overall, it’s an excellent service and streaming the latest episode of Game of Thrones couldn’t be easier!

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