NordVPN Review

NordVPN is one of the best VPN’s available in the market today. Its packages offer enough content and variety to justify its very modest price and is one of the most used VPN’s in the industry.

Everyone needs a VPN these days, whether you realize it or not, your financial and personal information can be accessed way too easily by anyone with even a little bit of skills. So, the next time that 12-year-old says he’s going hack you in COD, that might not be an empty threat.


When judging a VPN, there are certain factors one has to keep in mind, for example, speed, ease of use, price, server options and variety and so on and so forth. I will explain some of its features and see if they are up-to-the-mark or not and maybe this nordvpn review Australia will help you out. So, let’s start:

  • Security: First and foremost is the reason why most people go for VPN’s, security. And NordVPN has plenty of that. It has this feature called “Double data encryption”, although it sounds a bit gimmicky, but if it’s true, it means that unlike normal VPN’s where your data goes to a VPN server and from there its redirected to where it was intended to go, it is redirected twice, i.e it goes from your computer to the NordVPN server, from there it goes another nord server, and then it leaves for its intended site. So, your data is basically encrypted twice, making it much safer.


  • Servers: Nord has one of the largest networks out there. It has 781 servers worldwide, spread across 57 different countries, so you rest easy and choose whichever server you so please without having to worry about server load and whatnot.
  • Kill switch: The addition of the automatic kill switch is a bit of icing on the cake. This works by killing some of the sites (which you have to specify earlier on), when or “if” the app crashes or disconnects for some reason. It’s a very handy little tool and can save a life.
  • No logs: Nord does not log any of the user generated traffic, so everything you see and do on the internet is between you and your computer.
  • Free trial: A 3-day nordvpn free trial is offered for you to check their services before you actually commit, and in case you change your mind later on, there is also a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you are looking for a completely free option check here.
  • Encryption: Again, on the subject of security, Nord doesn’t mess around. It offers a 2048-bit SSL encryption, which is way above the industry standards and really high tech.
  • Platform support: All major platforms are supported, windows, Mac, android, iOS etc. And up to 6 devices can be connected to one account simultaneously.
  • Torrents: It actually supports P2P and does not throttle torrents in any way, which is a great change.
  • Extras: provides several extra features such as the proxy extension and encrypted chat.
  • Ease of use: Extremely easy to use, was actually a bit surprised, you don’t need to have a lot of tech skills, just some simple common sense will lead you to victory.

Although most of its features are excellent and there’s not much to complain about, but ad trackers do mess things NordVPN-best-VPN-australia up sometimes as they are not blocked.

And during certain hours, servers with a lot of traffic tend to be quite slow, but that is bound to happen when several hundred people use the same servers.

Other than that, it’s a pretty solid VPN which will be good for anyone. It’s easy to use, just do a nordvpn download and see for yourself, simply nordvpn login and there you go. Probably one of the best VPN Australia.

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