What’s New on American Netflix in 2017

There have been a lot of new great TV shows and movies from Netflix in the last few years, almost all of them getting one kind of award or another which is proof of the high-quality Netflix has associated itself with.

2017 is the same as well when you look at the new lineup of programs, let’s see what is coming up in the next few months:

1. Girl Boss

Girl Boss

An upcoming comedy show produced by Netflix along with Charlize Theron as the co-producer. The story revolves around a 20 something-year-old penniless anarchist that discovers her love for selling old vintage clothes and starts a business in the process.

2. Zootopia


Was one of the best hits from Disney in the last few years and for a good reason. It has a massive and very talented cast along with a great script and animation. They tried a new recipe, and it worked, making this a modern classic in no time at all.

3. Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China

Came out a couple of decades ago almost and it quickly a classic. It is one of those movies you can watch and thoroughly enjoy no matter the age or taste, what’s fun is fun but what’s the most surprising part is that people never seem to grow tired of it. Generation after generation it old and young seem to love it for no apparent reason. It didn’t start any new trends or set a standard, yet it still is one of the most popular movies on Netflix to date.

4. Dear White People

Dear White People

Based on a very popular indie film of the same name which is a few years old by now. You might have heard about this one on your social media accounts or some news channel as well. There were several petitions started against the TV show, and quite a few people left the popular streaming service because of it. It is a comedy show that is due any day now.

5. Mindhunter


An upcoming suspense thriller drama series whose story revolves around a couple of FBI agents who go around intervening some of the worst the humanity has to offer in hopes of finding a way to predict who can become a serial killer and what causes the impulses. The story starts in 1979 in the so-called golden era for the FBI.

6. Big mouth

Another exclusive title from Netflix. It is an animated TV show with ten episodes with about 30mins duration per episode. It has some of the most iconic names from the comedy genre and is about a teenaged boy’s adventures during puberty.

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