How to Watch NBA Online in Australia

Basketball fans in Australia have been limited in options where they can get their basketball fix. This is more evident when they want to catch up with the latest from the NBA.

Luckily, things are very different, and there are a few options to see the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

The Golden State Warriors being the defending champions, they were hoping to make their last game in the Oracle Arena something special before they move to a new home in the San Francisco Bay area.

Options in watching NBA Online

With Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, missing from game three it was almost impossible for the State Warriors to hold off their defeat.

Even the great Steph Curry could not do much but watch the Warriors slip.

With the likes of Kawhi Leonard nailing the points, it was a stark reminder that the Warriors are not invincible.

It took them back to when Kyrie Irving scored a three-point field goal to tie in game 7 back in 2016.

Watching NBA Online

With this years NBA Finals game out of the way, it will all be about the up and coming World Cup that kicks off later in the year.

Once the finals game of this is over, it isn’t long before fans will be looking at how to stream NBA online.

The regular season begins in October and ends in April where the playoffs start. It will then be another thrilling year before you can watch NBA finals in June.

There are a few options where to watch NBA online. However, all require a VPN. In most cases, this is because of geo-restrictions; however, there are a couple of unique reasons.

The first being the ominous blackouts you face when watching a live stream, watch in certain areas when there are locally broadcast games, and you won’t be able to watch this game online.

Where to Watch NBA Online

Watch NBA on ABC

ABC is one of the top places to catch NBA streaming. You can use the website, or you can use the ABC app.

This allows you to stream, watch offline all manner of sports and TV shows. To sign up is very easy.

  1. Enter first and last name
  2. Add an email address and password
  3. Enter date of birth
  4. Click on sign up

Once all this is entered, your account is created, and you can click the “Start Watching Now” button.

The ABC app runs on iOS and Android, browsers (, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and many more.

There are hundreds of free shows available; however, as soon as you select an ABC live stream, you need to sign in with a TV provider.

Some of the following streaming services will have ABC as part of their channel line-up.

Because of geo-restrictions, which are in place, you do need a VPN to access content from the app, or from the website.

With a VPN, all you have to do is change the country to the USA; this will spoof your location, so ABC thinks you are inside the American borders.

Sling TV

SlingTV comes with a couple of different packages. With this flexibility, it means you can access most of the games without any blackouts.

To make sure you have an NBA live stream, you need a package that contains ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT as a minimum.

There are countless other channels such as ABC where you can also check for live finals online.

There are two base plans on Sling, which are the Orange and Blue plans. The third is a combination of the two.

The package you need to stream NBA is the Orange Plan with the “Sports Extra” add-on. Sling used to offer a free trial, but now they offer a 40% discount for the first month.

This means you pay $15 for the Orange plan and an extra $10 for the sports add-on.

This offers plenty of options to watch an NBA finals game or any of the playoff matches in the run-up.

Sling does need a VPN in place because you can’t even sign up without appearing to be in the USA.

NBA League Pass

The best VPN for streaming NBA finals online helps in a couple of areas here. First, it will bypass the geo-restrictions on the NBA League Pass.

However, you can make use of the international version of the League Pass. In some cases, this is better for sports fans outside the USA.

With the regular League Pass, local games are blacked out. Your VPN helps here because you can change the VPN server to where there are no local games being played.

Thus, you can carry on streaming and watch NBA finals online without blackouts, or catch up with the playoffs.

You can also save money with a VPN and your League Pass. The price of this varies between regions.

A good example of these savings can be seen here

  • The United States $199 – faces blackout restrictions
  • The UK $279 – No restrictions
  • Mexico $91.99 – No restrictions
  • India $14.99 – No restrictions

One other good thing using the international league pass is you get a 7-day free trial.

VPN to bypass restrictions to watch NBA Online

VPN’s and NBA Streaming

As you can see, all the above options require a VPN service to bypass restrictions, bypass the blackouts, or enable you to get the cheapest NBA League Pass possible.

To watch NBA finals game as easily and as cheaply was often though near impossible.

Adding to this, the top VPN for streaming the NBA, and for allowing users to set their location in India for a cheap pass is ExpressVPN.

This offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which you can use to your own advantage. Sign up to any of the above where you have free access be it ABC, or League Pass, and you can stream NBA free in Australia.

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