The 5 Best Websites for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

There are many free movie-streaming sites around, but with all the clampdowns and site closures, these come and go.

The best streaming websites can be blocked by governments, or they change their domain to keep one-step ahead.

Users just want to watch movies, and it gets frustrating when they have lost their favourite streaming websites.

Best Websites for Streaming Movies and TV Shows


We will look here at the top 5 free movies streaming sites, and how you can unblock them.

By the end, you will still be able to stream the new releases, in high quality, and safely so no one can watch what you are doing.

Best Websites for Streaming TV Shows and Movies

Before looking at the best streaming sites, every user needs always to use a VPN. While streaming these movies and shows may not be classed as illegal.

The last thing you want are copyright trolls paying a visit, or your ISP blocking or throttling your connection.

We will explain more about this after looking at these 5 free movie sites.

Streaming Site for TV Shows and Movies


Flixtor is unlike many other movie-streaming sites because it scours the internet automatically at hourly intervals. It then lists the latest movies it finds. This happens with no user intervention.

All of the popular movies and TV shows are of high quality. One of the most significant differences with other sites which stream movies is they don’t rely on P2P technology.

A reason for avoiding this is one form of protection for users, as they would be uploading content, which is illegal in many countries.

Flixtor comes with a clean interface, lots of information about the content, and in some cases, it also allows you to watch trailers. The working URL is:


At one stage, 123movies was the world’s most popular illegal website. It went through troubles and shut down but resurfaced.

As this was happening, another site popped up called GoMovies. This is actually the same source to get new movies yet under a different banner.

The official URL is When you open the page, all you are presented with is a search bar.

However, it can be one of the best free movie sites because it is slick and easy to use. It offers up the most recent releases and covers a wide selection.

This site uses torrent technology once you start to watch movies, so you will be uploading in the background.


Solarmovie is often regarded as the best alternative movie sites to equal to Putlocker. It serves up a great search engine in a similar vein to other sites. The interface is very clean and very fast to deliver results.

You can select from the menu, which covers a vast range of genres, and as soon as you pick one, you are instantly shown the title tiles.

Once you select your option, you are taken to a page that is full of information, and you have the option to download or watch.

One thing the best of the TV streaming sites is it asks for registration before you can do either option.

There is no cost, yet you could be giving personal information away. URL: or


This is one of the best movie sites, yet it isn’t as well-known as some of the others. It serves up a vast amount of content from action, comedy, adventure all the way to reality TV.

The interface may not be as modern, yet the wealth of content is right up there.

You can search by genre, browse all, and search by year, country, or language. This site is a web scraper, which indexes the best online movies sites.

They contain no content and claim they are not responsible for the accuracy or the legality of the content, which the site displays.

One thing to note is the site won’t function if you want to watch movies online with an active ad-blocker running. URL:

Popcorn Time

This site differs from all the others listed so far. They claim to not either store content, or use torrent technology.

Yet, that is exactly how Popcorn Time works. The interface is snazzy, and as soon as either you click on the movies or TV shows icons, the page is filled with media tiles of the free movies or TV series.

Click on these, and you are taken to the information page. It does use torrent technology to download the files but in the background.

Users are none the wiser, and it can leave them opens from being spotted. It is seen as one of the best sites free shows and movies, but users do need to take precautions, so a VPN is highly recommended.

Once you clock on a title for the first time, you are asked to install the Torrents Time browser plugin. Anyone interested can find the site from this URL:

Best VPN to stream movies

Best Streaming Sites and VPN’s

As good and convenient as these sites are to access almost any online movie. Users do need to use VPN services for their protection.

A VPN not only bypasses any geo-restrictions, which you may find with a movie stream.

However, they also unblock any streaming services that are banned or blocked by local governments. They do this by masking your IP address and replacing it with one of their own.

This is needed to keep your identity private; such is the case with Popcorn above. Torrents show your IP address to anyone who wants to look.

With copyright trolls monitoring the web for this kind of action, you are exposed.

There are three top options for VPN’s for remote locations. CyberGhost has improved to what it used to be like.

It offers good security, yet their speeds are not the best in some regions. Most of their focus is in Europe and the USA.

NordVPN is known as one of the most secure of all VPN’s. It has a large number of servers, yet their country selectin isn’t the largest.

They are highly ranked with good reason, but for using these services above out of the built-up areas, it can suffer.

The best streaming VPN is ExpressVPN. This has been proven repeatedly, especially for users in Australia, New Zealand, or any other remote countries.

Their network does not have the number of servers as Nord, yet they are ideally located in over 94 countries.

It delivers top-level security for all online activities, and to test all the features, you can sign up to make use of their no argument 30-day money-back guarantee.

In this time, you won’t just see how good it is, but you will find the best movie site, which meets all your needs.

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