Best Kodi Addons for Anime

There are many available best anime streaming sites around the internet for watching Anime. However, keeping track of all the best anime dubs or finding the best series can be quite a task.

Kodi has plenty of add-ons that can bring all this content to one place where you’ll be presented with mammoth amounts of anime content for your viewing pleasure.

There are two problems with viewing this anime content: geo-blocked content (because most of it is from the Asian region), and secondly, not all of it is deemed legal in quite a few countries.

Kodi Addons for AnimeBefore heading off and looking at the best anime add-on Kodi can have installed, we will look at how you can protect yourself against these two problems.

Using a VPN with Kodi

Due to the nature of Kodi add-ons, there are many ISP’s who can block users while attempting to use any of these add-ons, and also use data that is retained will be handed over to any governing agencies who request it.

The clampdowns that Kodi add-ons face filtering down and copyright infringement notices are passed on to users.

But using a VPN service and one of the top VPN clients, there is no way your ISP will be able to see what you are accessing.

Australia is somewhat out of the way, and many VPN providers don’t fully support the region.

The best VPN services for Kodi and Australia are NordVPN which occasionally suffers a little on speeds in this area. It is also based in a country that is part of the 5-eyes agreement (which is not good.)

The most recommended option offers plenty of support for Australian Kodi users because it gives the fastest speeds. Also, it is the most robust VPN service with hardly any downtime.

This VPN is way outside of any snooping eyes, so you’re confidentially is protected 100%. ExpressVPN ticks all the right boxes for Kodi users and covers security, geo-blocked anime streaming sites, and so much more.

Best Anime Sources

There are many places to watch cartoons online, but as was just mentioned, ISP’s can see what you have viewed, and this data will be retained for two years.

This will happen to anyone in Australia who visits and uses the top anime sites which attract the most attention.

Two such sites are KissCartoon and Cartoon Crazy (also one of the top add-ons for Kodi), but luckily the content can be combined in the best anime app add-ons you can find on Kodi.

Anime on Kodi is the best way to go for full viewing pleasure, and watching one episode after another doesn’t mean you need to flick back to a webpage and begin playing the next episode.

Best Anime Add-ons for Kodi

For the very best Kodi anime add-on, we have listed a selection of the best.


This is one of the favourite add-ons for anime lovers. It has most of the anime series produced, and it also tells you beforehand if the anime stream is subbed or dubbed.

KissanimeYou are presented with options for searching by genre, alphabetical or any trending series. It also has a watch history so you can see what has previously been seen.


This has some of the best working anime streams around, and much of this is because it’s so well developed with plenty of features.

AnimegoThere is access to 500+ anime series, and it also offers full-length anime films, all of which are HD quality.

Loading times are low, so there is no upfront buffering, and it gives more than enough search options to find your favourite anime series.


This add-on was actually developed by DKnight, who developed the previous add-on (Animego), so you know it will access the very best anime sites before you start.

AnimehereIt comes with a great structure and offers the best subtitles for most of the series you can find here. One nifty feature is it shows you the episode number you’re watching.


This is one of the top sites, and it will need a VPN because it is only available in certain countries. (Learn How to Install Genesis Reborn on Kodi)

That aside, any Australian anime fan will love the vast amount of content available.

The thing with this anime add-on is a free version and a paid-for option that offers a TV-like experience where you can watch premium anime content throughout the day.

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