Can You Watch ITV Live in Australia?

If you are living in Australia, you may have noticed that you can’t watch ITV live there. Every time you try to watch it, an error stating, ‘We’re sorry. ITV Hub is only available to viewers in the UK’ may have come across your screen.

We all know it’s possible to get access to geo-locked sites online so if you have been wondering, ‘How can I watch ITV player in Australia?’, Wonder no more.

watch ITV Live in Australia

access itv from Australia

Just follow these instructions on how to watch ITV and catch up on shows like Downton Abbey and Coronation Street.

The main thing that you have to do to watch ITV outside of the UK is to spoof your online location. The following instructions should work on IOS, Android and Smart TVs since they are all devices supported by ITV. These instructions also work itv1, itv2, itv3, itv4, ITV player, and c-itv.

You can do two things to watch ITV either set up VPN or Smart DNS.

How to watch ITV by setting up a VPN?

First and foremost, you need to use VPN service provider. I prefer using ExpressVPN which has 500 VPN servers in 168 Locations and offers 24/7 support. This is probably the best VPN for Australia. encrypted and safe online activity

The benefits of using a VPN are as follows.

• You can change your location to any other country e.g. UK.
• All your online activity can be encrypted and so safe from any prying eyes.
• You can also access all the websites based on where you change your location too. So if it’s in the UK you can get access to ITV player watch online, UK Netflix, BBC Iplayer, etc.
• Setting up a VPN is a concise process and can be done through ‘App for all mobile and desktop OS.’

How to watch ITV by using DNS?

DNS is more accurate than VPNs as they only reroute traffic that might show your location. Just do this:

• Just change the DNS server on the device you want to use or on your router.
• The plus side of DNS is that you can get access to multiple locations at the same time so while you are watching Netflix UK, you can also watch BBC Iplayer at the same time.
• It does offer less security since all your data isn’t encrypted; however, it makes up for it regarding speed.

Signing up for a free ITV account outside of the UK

free ITV account outside of the UK

For this, all you have to do is:
• Go to the ITV website
• Sign in from the top right corner of the screen
• Then click sign up now on the next page
• Enter all the data that they ask, e.g., name, DOB
• In postcode enter ‘WC1X 0AA.’
• Tick the ‘ITV Terms and Conditions box.’
• Then select, ‘I am ready
• Log into your email to get access to the confirmation email, and there open the link provided and voilà, your free ITV account is ready to use.

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