How to Watch Seinfeld Online in Australia

Seinfeld is an American Sitcom created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. This TV show has run for nine seasons through NBC. It is often called “a show about nothing” as it only shows daily activities of the fictional character of Jerry Seinfeld.


Many of its episodes are about its writers’ real-life experiences. Celebrity guests appearing in many episodes oftentimes appear as themselves.

Basically, it broke the American conventional mainstream television back then. It has also gained popularity worldwide and Australian fans and audiences are one of them.

Since Seinfeld online has been made available through Hulu, the excitement to watch it on your handy devices and computers in Australia has been aroused. With the whooping $180M deal, Hulu paid for Seinfeld stream along with all the 180 Seinfeld episodes online for American viewers.

By subscribing you can watch Hulu in Australia and get Seinfeld to watch online. Hulu plus library also stream series like Homeland, Vikings, and much more American TV shows. Hence, paying subscription plan gets you the enjoyment at the comfort of your own house on your favourite devices.

Unfortunately, this Hulu streaming service is only accessible in the United States. So if you are a big fan of Seinfeld, which is a comedy TV series back in the ’90s, you would definitely pay for Hulu Plus.

But its availability is only limited to the online streamer in the United States. That leaves Australian fans lurking in the corner unless you would find a way to unblock Hulu Plus geo-block.

In as much as you wanted to have a Hulu Plus Australia to stream Seinfeld from the comfort of your couch in Australia, you need to have a little effort and pay a little more to get past the geo-block rule. Here are some things you need to put in mind:

Choose a VPN to start unblocking region-restricted websites

VPN, probably, is the easiest way to counter geo-blocking. You only need to install the software and let the provider do the manipulation for you.

With few clicks and tweaks, you can get away with geo-blocking rule. When you are connected to a strong VPN, your device looks like you are on the same local network where your VPN server is set.

In other words, the VPN server acts as a middleman. If you are in Australia and you connect to US VPN, region-locked websites like Hulu will see you as browsing from the United States. This comes pretty easy, really!

vpn-unblocking-region-restricted-websitesBut naturally, like any other technology, it also has its drawbacks. Please have in mind that streaming alone consumes bandwidth and requires faster internet speed.

And, the use of a VPN is way more overwhelming to your internet speed. Being so, you need to make sure you have, if not the fastest, but at least a decent internet connection in Australia.

According to some internet users, Australia’s average download speed is only around 3 Mbps while the world’s average internet speed is already in 18 Mbps. Hence, you need to opt for a more reliable internet speed, so you won’t be disappointed with streaming HD videos from Hulu Plus.

Moreover, you need to choose not just a strong VPN, but a VPN provider that does not also sacrifice speed over cheaper pricing. There are many VPN providers suitable for Australia ranging from different price plan and specs they offer.

But you also have to make sure that the VPN provider will offer you with a lot of options in connecting your favorite devices to Hulu Plus. Unfortunately, some VPN only allows few and limited devices to their server.

There are VPN that does not let you connect to the certain router as well. You need to ask all these from a VPN provider’s very helpful and honest customer service.

Remember, you will need to switch on your VPN before streaming Hulu, and switch it off right after. A friendly customer service that is willing to give you an extra mile is really that important if you come across with technical problems in later time.

So, aside from device limitation and compatibility, 24/7 customer support is another thing to consider when choosing VPN service provider.

Sign Up for a Hulu Account


After making sure that your VPN service is up and running, and internet speed is working perfectly; you can now start checking out the Hulu service.

You sign up with Hulu Plus free account, but it is way better if you pay for Hulu Plus subscription to get the most of it and check out not just Seinfeld TV series.

One thing you need to be mindful in setting up Hulu account is the address and payment method you used. Since you claim that you are from United States, you need to provide US address, too.

Your credit card has to be cleared as well. US-based PayPal is also an alternative. With a bit of luck, you won’t have to pay a sales tax with the US address you have entered.

Once everything is set up, you are now ready to install Hulu Plus on your favorite device. You can sit back and relax while laughing at every Seinfeld episode on your cozy couch in your house in Australia.

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