How to Watch Hulu in Australia

Hulu is a joint project between Comcast and the Walt Disney Company. Because of this, you know that the service will be among the best.

While it competes with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’s likes, there is no Australian version of Hulu for fans of shows and movies to access.

Compared to these two services, it does differ because it brings all the best from various TV networks in the USA. With this, the content available can fit anyone’s tastes as it is diverse and covers near enough every genre.

BOSS TIP: Access Hulu Safely in Australia
  1. Install the best VPN – Our #1 Recommendation is ExpressVPN (it’s secure and fast)
  2. Connect to a US server.
  3. Head to Hulu and stream away.

Watch Hulu in Australia with ExpressVPN

If users sign up for the on-demand content rather than Hulu with Live TV, there is hardly any delay in being listed and available for watching.

Here you can learn more about if you can get Hulu in Australia or not. The good news is that you can find out how to get Hulu in Australia with a VPN.

What Can I Watch on Hulu

Because of streaming rights, the content on Hulu may not be available to viewers in Australia. It is the wide range of shows and networks accessible, which one of the largest draws is.

You can access over 65 channels, and available network access comprises ABC, Cartoon Network, CBS, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, Food Network, FOX, Fox Sports, History, Lifetime, National Geographic, NBC, TCM, among others.

You can also select premium service add-ons such as HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. With these, you open up a completely different world of entertainment.

Some of the top shows available are:

One of the good things about Hulu is it runs equally well on mobile devices, so you can access Hulu online while making the most of your mobile plans by using the DVR storage.

On larger devices at home, you won’t be taxing your NBN plans, even if all the quality of the streaming library is high-quality.

Watch Hulu in Australia

How Much Does Hulu Cost?

You find many people watch Hulu because it is among the most affordable streaming services. The number of television shows outweighs the low monthly cost.

  • Basic with ads – $5.99 per month
  • No ads – $11.99 per month
  • Hulu with Live TV – $54.99

You can get a one-month free trial on the two smaller plans, and the live option gives you a one-week free opportunity.

While you may opt for the cheapest option, you have the chance of more upgrades when using the Hulu Live plan.

These comprise enhanced Cloud DVR (500 hours); unlimited screens can be used rather than the two screens on the regular plans.

You also find the entertainment add-on, which delivers even more, such as American Heroes Channel, CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, DIY Network, among others.

Supported devices for Hulu include:

  • Game consoles
  • Android and iOS
  • Roku and Fire TV/ Stick
  • PC and Mac apps and browsers
  • Chromecast
  • Smart TV and many more.

Unblock Hulu in Australia

Is Hulu Available in Australia?

At present, there is no global Hulu, and it is only available in the United States. As per their terms and conditions, no person outside the USA should access the streaming service anywhere.

With this, you may wonder does Hulu work in Australia, and the good news is that with a VPN, you can access Hulu in Australia following our instructions.

Can You Watch Hulu in Australia?

You can visit the Hulu website and look around, yet you won’t be able to create your account unless you use a VPN service.

Because it is mainly geo-restricted, signing up for Hulu in Australia or any other country at present isn’t possible.

Saying this, with a VPN, you will mask your IP address, and you can spoof the service to think you live inside America, and then it is possible to create your Hulu account. There is, though, one tricky area with this.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia

The major hurdle you will find with Hulu Australia is the payment side of things. It is straightforward to sign up for your VPN and fill in the first part of Hulu’s sign up procedure, yet you can’t finish it with Australian payment methods as it asks for a US credit card.

How to Sign up for your VPN

Here are the simple instructions for signing up for a VPN service. Some may vary in their sign-up process, yet it is standard and doesn’t take long.

  1. Select your chosen VPN’s website
  2. Select the large ‘Get VPN’ button (Text may vary)
  3. Select the desired plan (most offer reductions for longer sign-up)
  4. Add your e-mail address for account verification.
  5. Finish the payment process (cryptocurrencies can be used for additional anonymity)
  6. Receive your confirmation e-mail and download links for your client app (some VPN’s will provide you with a password or code)
  7. Download and install the apps on your devices
  8. Start and log in to your VPN client.

Some VPN’s may offer the best connection to your location. However, you will need to change this to a server inside the USA for accessing any American streaming platform.

Once you change your VPN to America, you can proceed with your Hulu sign-up. This phase is in two parts because of the payment issue. (Read Android Top Browsers)


How to Sign up for Hulu

  1. Navigate to Hulu’s website
  2. Click on ‘Start your free trial’.
  3. Select the plan you wish to sign up for
  4. Add e-mail, password and your name.
  5. Enter your date of birth and your gender
  6. Click on ‘Continue’

It is here where you may hit a snag with payment. Luckily, there are many ways to pay for the service. If you know anyone in America, it can be easy for them to arrange a subscription.

Second, you can either use a prepaid card or use a US virtual card to allow you to complete your account registration.

One of the more common ways is as follows and uses Hulu gift cards.

MyGiftCardSupply offers a variety of payment cards and is reliable.

  1. On the site, search for your required Hulu Gift Card.
  2. You can find multiple options for $25, $50 or $100. It also allows you to repeat purchases every month.
  3. Proceed to checkout and enter billing information.
  4. You will receive your order by e-mail. It may ask for a mobile number for verification, so add your number.
  5. When finished, click Next to PayPal and complete your payment.
  6. Within a few minutes, you receive your e-mail notifying you your purchase is successful and links showing how to redeem your gift voucher.
  7. Follow the link to access your Hulu voucher code.
  8. Clear your browser cache, delete your cookies and navigate to the Hulu voucher redemption page.
  9. Enter your code now. When redeeming, it will prompt you to create an account and enter a US Postal Code. Since you don’t have a US Postal Code, locate one on the internet or add 90210.
  10. Click Start My Subscription.
  11. It will redirect you to Hulu’s homepage.

Streaming VPN for Hulu in Australia

Best VPN for Hulu in Australia

Here are three of the best VPN’s for Hulu and Australia use.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the number one virtual private network for streaming due to its high download speeds and bypassing geo-blocks. Hulu, Netflix, HBO MAX, iPlayer and others are avoided.

User data is hidden, so ISPs don’t throttle connections.

Offers unlimited bandwidth with excellent security and censorship prevention through 256-bit encryption, kill switch and IP leakage protection.

  • 160 server locations – several within the USA and Australia
  • Network Lock-Kill switch stops data leaks.
  • Knowledge Free DNS
  • Split tunnelling to stream Hulu over VPN while other data is running over ISP’s route

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free

ExpressVPN provides Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux applications, supporting routers and many other devices with 5 simultaneous connections.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is an excellent choice for the use of Hulu in Australia. It offers streaming servers in the several US and Australian locations, so connections are of the best quality.

Surfshark VPN supports many platforms and devices, including Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, with Chrome and Firefox extensions. It is unique, with unlimited connections and unlimited data usage.

  • Unlimited device connections
  • Protection against IP and DNS leaks
  • Malware and ad blockers
  • Uses Camouflage and No Borders features

Try Surfshark Risk-Free

Surfshark offers enough speed to stream in HD while protecting your location and identity from prying eyes. Robust security, including DNS/IP leak protection, kill switch, malware and ad protection with 256-bit encryption.

3. NordVPN

Nord VPN is an excellent choice for Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix from all countries. It bypasses the geo-restrictions with the numerous US servers and stops throttling by your ISP.

It has many security features such as a kill switch, 256-bit encryption and IP leakage protection and ensures your Internet connection.

  • Use up to 6 device connections.
  • Strong encryption
  • Double VPN functionality
  • Strict no-log policy

Try NordVPN Risk-Free

The NordVPN SmartPlay feature helps you connect to servers that unlock Hulu. With six device connections, you can use Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and many others to connect. It also offers a 30-day refund window.

All three VPN’s are the very best for use in Australia; however, ExpressVPN pulls ahead as it proves itself, again and again, it delivers the best streaming experience.

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