How to Watch Hulu Plus in Australia

With digital content streaming services enjoy massive popularity nowadays, even us Aussies are beginning to slowly move on from overpriced, meager cable services that have dominated the scene for ages. One name that stands out for its quality programming is Hulu Plus.


For those of you who don’t know what is Hulu Plus – it’s a US based content streaming service that provides topnotch content – especially TV shows – such as Glee, Community, Seinfeld and Modern Family. Getting your login should be easy enough, but the problem is that Hulu Plus is available only to US residents.

As the saying goes – where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Aussies being resourceful as ever, we’ve figured out a way around the geo-lock which keeps us from watching Hulu and other digital streaming services. Read on to learn how to create your free Hulu plus account, and watch Hulu in Australia.

How to get Hulu in Australia?

hulu-vpn-streamingGetting past the geo-lock is fundamental to accessing Hulu Plus Australia – the service enforces the lock by inspecting the IP address of the device (i.e. your computer/console/smartphone) attempting to access its servers. If it finds the IP to be anywhere other than in the US, access is denied.

There are two options available to you for spoofing your IP address to a US location – a Virtual Private Network or a Smart DNS proxy.

VPNs come with the additional benefit of encrypting your communications so no one is able to snoop around (e.g. government agencies, hackers) in your network, but they do come with a performance overhead.

Smart DNS services don’t change your IP address per se – rather they serve as ‘middle-men’ that intercepts your devices communications and routes it through a channel that ends up in the US. Since they don’t have the encryption capabilities of VPNs, they have zero impact on your connection speed and are light on your system’s resources too.

Choose one of the two options based on your online usage requirements, and we’ll move on to the next step for accessing Hulu Plus content.

Signing up for the service


Assuming you’ve installed a decent Australian VPN service or Smart DNS software, fire them up, and set your region to a US location. For all intents and purposes, everyone on the internet will now see you as being in the United States.

Head on over to the Hulu Plus website, and sign up for a Hulu Plus log in. If you’re wondering how much is Hulu Plus – it’s around 8 USD / month – this is in addition to what you’ll be paying for the VPN / Smart DNS service.

Note that the sign-up process will require you to enter a US postal address – which can easily be acquired from the free online address generating websites.

I’d recommend going with an American Express credit card since there are reports of the payment not going through with local Visa cards. Since you’ll be paying while you appear to be in the US on the internet, your card may get temporarily suspended by your bank based on suspicious activity – if this happens, simply call them and get the transaction cleared manually.

If you still run into difficulties, you might want to try your luck with a US based PayPal account.

To access Hulu Australia on devices such as consoles, smartphones, and smart TVs, you’ll need to install the Hulu app from the respective online store – but your region will need to be the US on these devices as well, and that’s where your VPN / Smart DNS service will help.

Some good services you can use


If you want to save cash, and don’t have any major security concerns warranting encryption, go for a Smart DNS service such as Unlocator.

It comes with a free 7-day trial to test out how good it is at streaming Hulu Plus channels, and has fleshed out support pages to help you set it up on any device. Best of all, it only costs around USD 5 / month!


If you’re worried about your ISP tracking your activity (or worse yet, the government), I’ll advise paying up for a expressvpn-australiaexpressvpn-australiaexpressvpn-australiaquality VPN service such as Express VPN.

It utilizes strong OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec encryption to mask your activity, and with servers in 136 cities around the world, there’s only minimal impact on connection speed.

The app comes with a month long money back guarantee, after which you have to pay USD 13 / month (can be brought down to just USD 8.32 a month if you sign up for the annual package). All in all, one of the best VPN for Australia – and especially suited for streaming purposes e.g. Netflix, HBO, Hulu VPN streaming.