How to watch HBO Go in Australia

If you are a movie buff, you might know HBO, but for the uninitiated who ask what does HBO stand for it stands for Home Box Office. It is also one of the top ways to watch movies and TV shows.

HBO has followed suit and introduced an online streaming service, and this includes their HBO Go and HBO Now services.

The primary service is for users who have an HBO cable subscription, but the latter can be signed up and enjoyed by anyone, who lives in the USA.

HBO Go and HBO Now in Australia

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As with many streaming services and regional rights HBO Australia only offers so much compared to the American version.

Even with HBO now coming to Australia, users can miss out on some of the shows on their initial release dates, or they might not get the chance to see them at all. Foxtel HBO can show a lot, and for many users, this could be enough.

However, the rights to some shows might only be for HBO Go which will always be limited to the USA. Although you would expect the same content in the Foxtel Pop Pack.

Popular Shows on HBO Go

More than ever there are compelling TV shows and, and it’s highly frustrating when the best HBO TV shows aren’t being shown in your region. To make sure there are none you are missing, here are a few of the best HBO shows at the moment.


This epic came before both GOT and Westworld and won quite a few awards for its screenplay. It took some of the best actors to play some of the most memorable characters from that era. It was gritty and contained intriguing dialogue on the battle scenes would put the one in GOT to shame.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones in HBO


Who doesn’t need to be introduced to this modern day masterpiece? It is a huge fantasy drama which covers any aspect you can imagine but in days gone by.

The acting is superb, and the characters are brought to life as is the believable worlds in which it is set. You can sit back and watch Game of Thrones season 1 to season 7

The Sopranos

This is another series which takes little introduction and is well worth a second sitting. This is the godfather of crime shows and for a very good reason. It’s as good as any show can get with all the realism which you would expect.

The Wire

This is another gritty show which was highly rated and shows the drug scene in Baltimore from the perspectives of the cops and the crooks. It is cleverly interwoven stories which are well linked together and leave any watcher wanting more of the same.


To undertake the making of this show and not be overshadowed the old movie classic was a huge task. It was also perfectly timed to be shown when GOT finished. For all sci-fi fans who like twists and turns this has got everything, you could wish for.

Band of Brothers – The Pacific

This Band of Brothers shows exceed in realism because its makers used some of the members of Easy Company on which the show is based.

The Pacific gives the account of a Marine Corp who are on active duties in the Pacific. Some of the actors who were in both shows have since gone on to become famous in their own right.

Sex and the City

This is one for the ladies and an old-time favourite that spawned plenty of wannabees. Follow the escapades of the women in their quests for relationships of one form or another.

It generated some seriously bad movies, but that’s not to detract from how good the show was.

True Detective

With the talents of two great actors, the first season was exceptional viewing and was totally atmospheric in every detail. Trying to solve the murder mystery yourself while watching was half the appeal of this great show.

The TV wouldn’t be TV without documentaries, and after eight of the best shows to keep anyone entertained, here are two of the best HBO documentaries you can watch.


It’s only fair to choose this 2 1/2 hour epic about the man who inspired plenty of the shows above, and also brought some of the most memorable movies in history.

Steven Spielberg is a rare character, and this documentary follows him and shows what he’s like on the other side of the lens.

Beware the Slenderman

Although this sounds like a horror movie, it is a look at the pop-culture and how it made two young girls stab their friend and leaver her for dead. It is unnerving and a shocking awakening of how things do happen in today’s society.

Can you get HBO Go in Australia?

As was mentioned HBO Go is blocked in Australia and is only available to US residents. With this in mind, there is no way at the moment you can get True Blood streaming to your devices, although there is a way which you’ll find later.

HBO Go in AustraliaThe main problem which hits HBO GO Australia is down to it not having a licence to broadcast its library in Australia, and they have to block anyone who attempts to access it from this region.

All this is done by checking IP addresses which are allocated and which ones are allowed to gain access. So any episode airing is limited to the USA.

The same thing happens with HBO Now Australia, and when you do try to access the service, you are faced with an error saying the HBO live stream isn’t available in your area.

How to Get HBO in Australia? (Step by step)

You can use a VPN to make your IP address appear as if you are in the US. The VPN provider will route all your traffic through their servers. HBO TV servers can’t tell you’re based in Australia, and you can watch HBO online.

Here are the following steps to take to access HBO in Australia while at the same time preventing your ISP from tacking and recording what you’re doing.

  • Sign up for a VPN service which has plenty of global coverage and a high number of US-based servers.
  • Connect to one of the US-based Servers for your connection
  • Log into your US-based iTunes account

This is straightforward to do, and any good VPN service will allow you to do this.

ExpressVPN is recommended and the second choice being NordVPN because these two offer the best for HBO HBO and ExpressVPNstream and are both top VPN service providers.

This is all that needs to be done for the VPN side of things to access HBO streaming, but to access HBO online, you will need a US HBO account and a US iTunes account.

  • Sign up for US iTunes account. To do this, you need to sign out a local iTunes account (if you have one) and then in the new one change the region to the US.
  • Be sure to use a new email address for the US-based account and when asked for the payment method. Supply one which is US based (e.g., American Express or US PayPal), or choose the option for none.
  • Provide a bogus US postal address (these can easily be acquired from several websites).
  • When asked to verify your account, click on the supplied link in the verification email.
  • Now log in with your US-based iTunes account, and then download the HBO app from the US store.
  • Once you have installed the app fire up your VPN service and sign up for HBO Now.
  • You’re now ready to watch HBO in Australia.

When you connect to this service while your VPN is confusing the connections to make you appear to be American, you will see how to watch Game of Thrones Season 7 in Australia, and how simple it actually is.

How to Get an HBO Free Trial

Here’s how to get a one-month free trial on Apple TV or an iOS device. As with the method above you need a US HBO subscription and not an HBO subscription Australia.

HBO Free Trial

ExpressVPN HBO

  • Turn on your Apple TV, and you’ll see the new HBO Now channel with a small “New” stripe in the corner.
  • As it’s your first attempt at a new account choose the option by clicking the centre button of the Apple remote when “Free Month” is highlighted.
  • Enter email address (this gives details how to install on iPhone or iPad)
  • Click agree on the button for the licensing agreement
  • Subscribe to HBO Now
  • This method uses whatever payment method you’ve used so after one month you’ll be charged around $15 per month to your credit card, so be sure to cancel before this time.
  • You can cancel the auto-renewal from your US iTunes account settings.
  • Once signed up you can grab the app from the iTunes store or the HBO Now website which is provided in your email, and you can quickly be watching HBO.

To make sure access to the best HBO stream Australia users can enjoy, there is no other way than using a VPN service to gain access reliably.

Users also have the safety of privacy, and there will be no data retention for ISP’s while they access HGBO or any other streaming services via the web or by using apps such as Kodi.

For total enjoyment and peace of mind, a VPN service is recommended over smart DNS services which some users opt for.

Although you can gain access, they do nothing to protect your privacy while you’re sat there watching Game of Thrones.