How to watch Comedy Central in Australia

There are a lot of options to watch Comedy Central in Australia. Some websites have their subscription, or you can watch some of the episodes thru online streaming.

However, watching the Comedy Central directly to your TV like South Park episodes, your favorite TV shows and Comedy Central Roast which is currently aired in US region while you are in Australia is under geo-block or region lock. Therefore, it may give you the message “This content is not available in your area.”


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  1. I want to watch Comedy Central without logging into any websites subscription or area restrictions – is there something we can do about it?

There is a particular way in watching the Comedy Central. Here are the options that you can choose from which you may consider with their benefits that fit you best.

SMART DNS – gets you to access region restricted websites and blocked sites. It does, however, expose your IP address, and an Internet Service Provider will notice the adjustment you have made, which can risk your access or account.

Express VPN– since this service is the fastest; it should be tagged as the best VPN service as well. VPN service allows you to connect online websites without compromising your IP address location, there is no monitoring, and still, unblocks region restrictions or geo-block.

Unlocator DNS- It has the same concept for both Smart DNS and VPN because it can also give you the same access and can hide your identity and full confidentiality. It also has a lower cost than getting the VPN.

  1. I want to switch my TV on and sit on my couch as if Comedy Central is on my channel.comedy-central-streamingcomedy-central-streaming

You can turn your TV on and sit on your couch as if Comedy Central is on your channel by syncing your Smart TV to your router or internet. That will give you a high-end service in accessing it.

  1. If there is a way to it, is it safe?

Talking about safety, it depends on what you choose. In number 1, I listed the options. If you’re not particular with security, then you can get the regular Smart DNS, but if you are a security freak, then I would suggest getting a VPN. That would hide your IP address and what you have been doing as well since this won’t save any logs of your access and has a private “tunnel”.

  1. Is it cheap? I don’t want to have any expensive fees.

If you do not want any expensive fees to get this service, then I would suggest in getting either SMART DNS (not particular with security and privacy) or Unlocator DNS. It is a DNS (same as SMART), but it has the same security protocols for VPN that hides your identity and protects your devices or IP address.

Watching Comedy Central from the comfort of your home has never made easier. With the availability of awesome virtual private network services mentioned, you will surely get to enjoy your favorite shows, even in Australia. Choose the best service for you, and catch up on the latest happenings of your favorite shows on Comedy Central.

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