How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Australia

BBC-iPlayer-AustraliaBBC iPlayer is a catchup service to stream BBC UKTV, radio shows, and movies with high-quality video. The app only works only when you are in the UK.

This means you have zero to limited access whilst spending time abroad like Australia, as iPlayer employs a geo-blocking restriction to all its users.

The moment you try to open the app on your device, it will analyze the internet data conveyed by your ISP or mobile data connection provider. Through this feature, it can easily identify where you are in the world. Hence, when you access it through an Australian IP address, it automatically blocks you from viewing BBC content.

BBC iPlayerWatching BBC in Australia


How about if you are traveling for a holiday outside the UK? Or, perhaps an expat moving to Australia? Are you limited to settling with what is made available?

The frustration of not watching your favorite BBC channels might leave you with melancholic home sickness drama. But since Australia has become one of the biggest markets for BBC’s subscription, another service is made available.

However, paying for BBC iPlayer Australia through iTunes is not the same with getting BBC iPlayer catchup service.

Aside from the fact that the former is only available on Apple devices, it also does not provide you with the same content you want from iPlayer in the UK.

This app does not offer episodes soon after they screen in Australia. It is BBC’s 70-year archive. So the question is: how to watch BBC in Australia without geo-block constraint?

An easy fix:

The easiest workaround is the use of VPN service. A VPN allows you to tunnel your traffic data into a country of your choice like the UK, making it seem that your device is physically based in the UK.

Actually, you just want to convince the iPlayer that you’re from the UK and not from Australia. You sign up with a VPN plan, connect to UK VPN server and open your BBC iPlayer.

You sit back and relax while enjoying your favorite BBC channels and shows.

This ploy, however, comes with a little inconvenience – speed problem and device limitation. You would not want to watch a buffering video on your device, right?

You might also want to use a bigger screen like a Smart TV. So, most definitely, you need to invest a little more. Remember that streaming an HD content from iPlayer will require you a decent internet connection even without using a VPN.BBC-iplayer_ipad

How much more if you are connected to a VPN, right? Being so, you might want to get yourself a DSL connection and a suitable VPN for Australian ISPs.

With the use of a VPN service like this, your ISP cannot analyze your traffic data. It hides your identity and shields you from snooping ISP you are using on your device.

It will only show what you want your ISP to see – that is an IP address showing you are in UK. Your iPlayer gets a spoof IP address right after.

Your current location and IP address will change, so the iPlayer will have difficulties identifying where you are exactly located.

There is another way to bypass geo restriction in iPlayer. That would be through Smart DNS technology.

However, it would be best if you don’t compromise your privacy and security over a small speed hit and limitation of supported devices.

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