Watch How to Get Away with Murder in Australia

The fourth season of How to Get Away with Murder is on-air on ABC. This American legal drama TV series has Viola Davis starring as a law professor, Annalise Keating, who gets involved in a murder and five of her students.

Watch How to Get Away with Murder in AustraliaOther How to Get Away with Murder cast includes Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, and Karla Souza as those students.

With the first season itself in 2014, the show gathered many positive reviews and won many awards. Let’s explore the options you have got to watch HTGAWM online.

Watch How to Get Away with Murder online.

The show runs two storylines in parallel – the present day and when the murder took place. The story revolves around the lives of the professor and the five interns working under her. It shows how they get away with the charge and also try to solve another murder case in the process.

Murder mysteries have always been interesting, and with a law professor as the (probable) culprit, the show is Watch How to Get Away with Murder onlinedefinitely fun. If you still haven’t watched a season of How to Get Away with Murder, watch series episodes online on ABC Go.

ABC Go is the video-on-demand service of ABC (American Broadcast Corporation), one of the largest TV networks in the US. For those with a US cable TV subscription, ABC Go offers live streaming for free.

You can also watch the HTGAWM episodes later at your comfort. Other popular shows like Modern Family, Black-ish, Good Morning America, Dancing with the Stars, etc.

You get to watch the streaming on PC, Mac, Android devices and iOS devices too. There also is support for Apple TV and Fire TV.

How to Get Away with Murder in Australia

Yes, you can watch HTGAWM stream online on ABC Go. But it is available only in the US. The website redirects the viewers abroad to a page with an error message displaying the same.

Those abroad, though, can switch to their Netflix account to watch the episodes of HTGAWM but only after a month of the season finale. US Netflix can stream all the episodes one month after the broadcast is over.

How to Get Away with Murder via VPNSo, the best option you have is to connect to a VPN server in the US and access the ABC Go streaming. According to the Express VPN reviews, people consider it as the top VPN Australia has.

Not only it offers faster speeds, but it also has a service more reliable and secure than others. Once connected to a US VPN server, you can browse the internet as if you are in the US. You also are anonymous with the network encrypted by the VPN server. (Read Suits Online Stream)

Now you can access the contents of ABC online. You do need a US cable TV subscription to log in and get the live feed. Those who don’t have it can still watch the content but after one week.

If one week of wait also sounds too much, you can pay DirecTV (for example) and stream ABC on your PC browsers or mobile devices. DirecTV also offers to record the channel and watch it later.

So, choose the one which suits you and enjoy How to Get Away with

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