How to Get American Netflix in Australia

Ever since Netflix has gone global, Aussies have been hoping to get a slice of the pie that had until a couple years been accessible only to US residents.

Netflix has a separate library for Australia now, which means you should be able to enjoy all the ‘netflicks’ that Americans could right? Wrong.


Due to licensing restrictions, each of Netflix’s regional libraries contains vastly different content – and the lion’s share of quality programming is still accessible only to those in the US.

If you, like many other Australians, are not satisfied with the as yet half-baked Australian version of Netflix, there’s a way to enjoy US Netflix in Australia, and it’s been made even easier thanks to the service going global.

How do I get Netflix in Australia?

Whether you want to watch the Australian library or the US library – or any other region’s library for that matter, start by signing up for a Netflix free trial Australia as per normal. The thing about global Netflix is that its service changes its library according to the region it detects you’re in.

So, when it sees your IP is from Australia, it brings up the Australian library for you – but if you can somehow make it appear that you’re accessing it from a US location, you’ll be able to enjoy the US library – from the very same Netflix signup you use to watch Netflix Australia content!

How to get US Netflix in Australia?


Now that we’ve established that there’s no special procedure on how to sign up for Netflix US anymore, we can move on to the part about actually gaining access to the content library of Netflix USA in Australia. For this, you’ll require a software that alters your device’s internet location.

This can be achieved by either a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or through a Smart DNS proxy. The VPN has the advantage of being more secure by virtue of its inherent encrypted tunneling system, but at the expense of slowing down your internet speed by a fraction (if you choose a top VPN provider, that is). It is also the more expensive route to take.

If your sole requirement is to get Netflix Australia library changed to the US one, and you’re not particularly worried about any third party eavesdropping, you could go for a Smart DNS proxy.

This will route your traffic through a US location by altering your device’s DNS values, and not its IP – in other words, you can access your other Australian subscriptions and services as usual.

Changing the library

netflix-unlocatorThis is the crucial part of the whole enterprise – after you sign up Netflix as usual, and assuming you have installed either an American VPN or a Smart DNS utility, you’ll need to fire it up and choose your desired location as somewhere in the United States.

Next, open Netflix’s website/app on your device, and you’ll notice that the library has automatically been changed to the US version. You can now enjoy all the content you were missing on, and that’s all there is to getting American Netflix in Australia. Note that the VPN / Smart DNS service will have to be kept running for the entire duration while you watch your show.

Some decent services to use


ExpressVPN service is known for strong encryption, reliable user privacy, swift speeds and stellar customer support – costing 12.95 USD/month, this service can be discounted down to just USD 8.32 / month by choosing the annual package.

If you’re worried about such a big commitment, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as free trials for the iOS and Android apps!

The core tunneling is via OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, both protocols recognized as industry standard – 256-bit SSL encryption is used to completely mask your communication.

The service has server locations in over 130 cities worldwide, and allows up to 3 parallel connections, meaning you can enjoy jerk-free Netflix US streaming on three separate devices simultaneously!

If you’re looking for even more parallel connections at roughly the same monthly cost, and are OK with a slight degradation in bandwidth, you could also go for NordVPN, which allows 6 simultaneous connections!


This Smart DNS service is lightweight and inexpensive, at just around 5 USD a month. While it lacks the encryption features of VPN software, it makes up for it by having zero impact on your connection speed – essential for users with a limited bandwidth for streaming. Furthermore, there’s a week long trial so you can test out its claims to your heart’s contentment.

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it with your Netflix contacts who are stuck watching the Australian library and want a change.

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