Hola Not Working For Netflix – What To Do

There is a long ongoing battle against Netflix and VPNs accessing overseas catalogs. Hola a free VPN (a virtual private network) was designed to bypass these restrictions and assist users in gaining access to US Netflix content in particular.

However, just because it was built with US Netflix in mind, this doesn’t mean it will work as intended all the time. By blocking your VPN, Netflix is not just trying to upset you; there is actually a reason behind it.

It all comes down to deals that they have made with holders of intellectual property to release the material only in certain geographical locations.

Hola VPN for Netflix

For any streaming services you attempt to use, you will find this the same.

Netflix has previously vowed to strive to eradicate such restrictions, but they are related to their partnership arrangements, which prohibits them from doing so.

Here, you can learn more about unblocking Netflix using Hola, or by another means if this VPN has lost all chances to work with Netflix reliably.

Does Hola Work with Netflix?

Hola VPN offers a free and premium plan they call Hola VPN PLUS. This gives you a desktop version that installs a Chromium-based modified browser. It has core features like Chrome yet has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

As Hola VPN was optimized for Netflix, it enables users to select the preferred Netflix region swiftly before signing into a Netflix account.
Also, switching Netflix libraries if you want to get another and want to watch content from another region.

Here’s how you should use Hola VPN for Netflix

  1. Install the Hola VPN browser extension
  2. Visit Netflix and select a Netflix region provided by Hola
  3. Sign in with your Netflix account.

In testing, we found it worked on one or two occasions; however, not on the side of being reliable.

The issues were quickly highlighted as it logs you out if you change the region, and you are limited to a one-hour streaming session to unblock Netflix with the free version of Hola VPN. Add to this; you will find it gets blocked quite frequently, hence the unreliability.

Besides, make sure you don’t try to use the desktop version or the supposed premium version as this won’t work with Netflix as it is outdated.

Hola VPN’s free version will hide IP addresses and can on occasion unblock Netflix, yet there are more deep-rooted issues using these free VPN services.

Hola VPN is merely a proxy trying to act as a VPN, yet even if it hides your IP address, it doesn’t actually encrypt your device traffic on your internet connection. For security, Hola Free VPN doesn’t offer any security or privacy features on your connection as you would expect.

Lastly, Hola Free VPN shares computer’s idle resources with premium members and presents the limited sessions.

All designed to get you to purchase Hola VPN PLUS. If that wasn’t enough, this VPN provider can share your data or information with third parties.

Why is Hola Not Working?

Hola VPN service can cause more issues than it resolves. If you find Hola VPN not working, try any of these.

  1. Navigate to the site you want to access. Click the Hola VPN extension icon. Select the country flag you want to view the site from.
  2. If it doesn’t work, disable and enable your Hola VPN extension.
  3. Try and force the site to reload. Press CTRL and F5
  4. Clear the browser cache, along with the cookies (In the ‘Settings’ – ‘Privacy’)
  5. Shut the browser, reopen it, and try again
  6. Disable any extensions and check if they cause the issue
  7. Uninstall Hola VPN, then head to Hola VPN’s site and click ‘Start’
  8. If you use any other VPS (Virtual Private Server), proxy software, then disable all of these.
  9. Test Hola VPN by visiting www.iplocation.net: You will find your location based on your IP address.

If the country isn’t the same as what you have selected in the Hola for Netflix settings, the only solution could be to make sure you have the latest browser version and disable your antivirus or firewall, although this isn’t recommended.

The solution is much better and a better recommendation. You will find such VPN’s as premium VPNs access Netflix more reliably than Hola Netflix.

How Do You Get Netflix to Work When it’s Blocked?

There are many reasons Netflix might be blocked. It’s not uncommon for streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube to be blocked in certain areas.

It’s not only schools, offices and the like it can be as soon as your IP address is outside a country where your account is setup.

  1. Go to the website of a chosen premium VPN (Find the Best VPN in Australia)
  2. Sign up and download the VPN client for your devices. (You should find VPNs run on desktops, Android and iOS)
  3. Launch the VPN and change your VPN country. Click ‘connect’
  4. Navigate to Netflix and sign in
  5. You will now have access to Netflix.

It’s straightforward using premium VPNs, although these can have a hiccup now and again.

Netflix and Express VPN

Why is Netflix Not Working with Express VPN?

All premium VPN services, including NordVPN, can have issues with available connections to Netflix. Unlike Hola, it is how they deal with them that sets them apart.

Here’s what to check to eliminate errors.

Check IP addresses

  1. If ExpressVPN not working with Netflix, check your IP address.
  2. If it appears the network location is close by, it means you’re not connected to the selected ExpressVPN server location. ExpressVPN has thousands of available servers around the world, and many in certain countries. Try to connect again or change servers.

Check your Internet connection

It sounds simple, yet often a problem. Check you have an active internet connection. Disconnect ExpressVPN and try to access a website. If you can’t access when not using the VPN, you have a connection problem. (Read our ExpressVPN Review Australia)

  1. Try to connect to another ExpressVPN Location
  2. Select from the list of VPN server locations. Click on the server and then the ON button

Change Protocol

In the setting, you can change protocols in use. ExpressVPN has the new Lightway protocol, so select this rather than OpenVPN to help unblock connection issues and provide a better streaming experience.

  1. Under the Protocol tab, select the protocol you want to use and click OK.
  2. Disable Security Software
  3. Try to disable the firewall or antivirus as these can block a VPN app connection. If you can connect, follow these steps:
  4. Configure the firewall to allow ExpressVPN app as an exception
  5. Check you can connect again and access Netflix

Contact Support

ExpressVPN has industry-leading customer support. They can assist you when you wish to unblock Netflix. In many instances, it can be a US server that is blocked rather than connection issues. Support staff use 24/7 live chat and can tell you the best VPN server to use on that occasion.

If you are uncertain and new to VPNs, you can sign up and make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can do as other users and test all the services and features of the app, risk-free. If it doesn’t meet your needs, cancel before the end of the month if it doesn’t suit you.

However, at this time, you will see it does a much better job of protecting traffic on desktops and Android device options, and it actually bypasses restrictions.

The VPN services also keep your information safe rather than sharing it with others as Hola VPN does.

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