Frostwire Not Working? (5 Frostwire Alternatives)

In 2018, the famous free, open-source torrenting client FrostWire shut down at the DMCA request. Because of this attention, Google pulled the app from the Play Store. Now, many users were stuck without their favourite means of downloading torrents.

Here, you can learn what happened and how the situation with Frostwire now lies.

To make things easier for you, we have gathered five of the best alternatives to FrostWire, so you can continue downloading your favourite content with or without this popular peer-to-peer file sharing client.

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FrostWire is Not Working?

It isn’t apparent times when trying to keep track of FrostWire. The company updated its website to state they were closing up shop due to the DMCA request. Most of their user base was on Android, and without an Android app, they could not continue.

Even with FrostWire claiming they were not hosting any copyright protected content, Google stood firm. Since then, the developers have invited others to take the open-source project and do as they wish. You can find a new full-featured P2P client in the Play Store.

It comes with the same name and some of the same features, such as the media player. Now, we can look at the top apps like FrostWire. We will also show how you can use them safely using a VPN and stay out of sight.

Frostwire open-source torrenting client

Top FrostWire Alternatives

Here are five peer-to-peer file sharing clients that make great FrostWire replacements.

1. BitTorrent

The BitTorrent client had to take first place on this list because; every user should know the name. This popular alternative to FrostWire is a free torrent client for Mac, Windows, and Android and is active on Twitter.

It is a risk-free alternative for P2P file-sharing of torrents. The BitTorrent free client is free but supported by advertising.

You can disable it if you sign up and pay the minimum monthly fee. BitTorrent takes up little memory space, is fast, and has a proven history and a solid user base.

Just be careful when installing because software is included in the package installed if you accept the offer.

2. Flud

Flud was mainly an Android app, although you can find other versions, so it has become a decent FrostWire for Windows and Mac replacement as well. It is slow on the updates, yet the free client is still hugely popular and rich in features.

An ad-supported version offers support for various torrent uses, comprising magnet links, Pex, and UTP. The app also supports NAT-PMP, DHT, and UPnP.

The lightweight torrent client doesn’t have an official website, and you need to search to find the various download options. GitHub is one of the main locations.

3. uTorrent

BitTorrent owns the μTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing client, so there is no surprise about why things are familiar between the two apps. Still, μTorrent is a separate entity, and there are differences that you may want to investigate.

The key difference being μTorrent is more regularly maintained and updated. Besides, there’s a Linux version along with all the other platforms it runs on.

BitTorrent brazenly introduced Bitcoin coin miners into μTorrent beforehand, and these were running all the time users would download torrents. Luckily, there are no coin miners in the current file-sharing program. (Read Update Kodi Guide)

4. zetaTorrent

With this peer-to-peer file-sharing program, you notice that it allows you to search, download torrent files, and share files right within a web browser.

It goes a bit further and offers an ad-blocker, yet it is ad-supported. You find zetaTorrent is Android only, and if you wish to run it on Windows, Mac, you need to install an Android emulator to function.

5. Vuze

One of the most popular file-sharing clients available is Vuze. There is a license-free download, although there is a paid-for option that delivers many more options. The free download offers more than enough features for most users.

You can playback a music file inside the client with media playback. The metasearch engine can be made from within the client, so your torrent search doesn’t need you to switch apps. File transfer speeds are optimized during the file transfer.

The free download option, like others, is ad-supported, but signing up allows you to halt these.

Best VPN for Torrenting

Best VPN for Torrenting

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Anyone on the same P2P network can harvest information about you. IP address, which files you download or upload (leech and seed), and your possible location, as well as any other personal information.

The only way to protect identity online while torrenting or even just browsing is by using VPN services. You can automatically redirect your connection through private encrypted tunnels while assigning a new IP address for your connection.

VPN services hide you on the network so that no one on the same network can see your activity, even your ISP or copyright trolls. Besides, ISP’s often block or throttle torrent or streaming traffic, so a VPN helps maintain the internet speeds you pay for.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the number one choice and provides the finest record for high torrent download speeds and buffer-free streaming.

3,000+ servers in 94 countries offer full P2P support. The client can use the Smart Location, or it can be set manually. ExpressVPN delivers military-grade AES-256 encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and TrustedServer Technology, all with zero-logging.

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2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers first-class torrenting protection. The company has a zero-logging policy, so it will not maintain torrenting data.

The application has a simple menu and dedicated P2P profiles. You can find countries with P2P-enabled servers and distance to your location.

VPN protects you with AES-256 encryption. Kill the switch to stop P2P traffic in case of VPN connection loss.

VPN is not as fast as some, but it still provides decent speeds with unlimited bandwidth.

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