10 Best Streaming Websites for Movies and TV Shows

It doesn’t matter what kind of movies you like to watch, or the types of TV shows that you enjoy. It seems that most streaming services want you to sign up before you can view any of their content. Even Netflix and Amazon Prime can run out of things to watch after a while.

However, there are tons of free movie and TV show website options scattered around; you can access without giving away any personal data or signing up.

The most significant downside being, you do need to use a good VPN to bypass possible geo-restrictions. However, there are more benefits to using VPN services, and you will find out, by the time you reach the end.

You can also learn the best two VPN options for accessing blocked content or preventing any prying eyes spying. You never know when streaming movies and TV shows free is treading on some copyright protected toes.

Here is a selection of the best free movie and TV show streaming sites you can try out while stuck at home.

Best Streaming Websites

Sony Crackle

1. Sony Crackle

Sony owns Crackle, and this means you will have access to a massive Sony catalogue. With hundreds of titles, with classics and original TV shows in all genres. The website regularly updates its offerings, so you always have some new things to watch.

The website is organized so you can quickly discover some exciting screenings and shows, whether popular or not so well known. It is possible to search by title, actors, or genres.

Users do not need to subscribe to the website to access any of the content, but if you do go this far, you can create a personal list of movies you watch. Because Crackle is accessible only in the USA, a VPN with American servers is necessary to reach it from any location.

Popcorn Flix

2. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix delivers many films and TV programs from a wide variety of genres. Although there are not so many new releases on offer, the catalogue of free movie streaming includes classic movies, great past TV hits, as well as possibly the best-forgotten cult B-movies.

The site is well organized and is fast to navigate around. There are sections for the genre, with dedicated sections for movies and TV shows.

It offers a primary search function so you can find anything from the library if they have it on the site.

There is no need to subscribe or make an account. Nevertheless, as with most websites in this list, you encounter several ads or popups. There are built-in ads that appear suspect, so make sure you use a VPN and an ad-blocker with malware protection when you watch movies.

Tubi TV

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is only available in the USA, so you need one of our recommended VPN’s, which has US servers. It is home to thousands of free commercial videos, as well as offering a wide range of alternative content, including releases that are only a few years old. It is one of the best free movie streaming options there is.

You need to register free with your name, date of birth, and email address. Use a real email account because you will receive a verification email when you register.

The site is easy to navigate, but like many video streaming sites, you have, at some point, an advertisement. Tubi places them at the beginning of your video. However, video playback is of high quality for a free video streaming website.


4. Vudu

Vudu Movies on Us offers a broad selection of free and paid films and TV shows. It includes hundreds of titles to select from in the free catalogue, including every possible film genre. Movies on the streaming website are streamable up to 1080p resolution, so quality is fine.

The streaming site has been well organized, and it is easy to spot the free and rented titles. If you are looking for something specific, the basic search option exists.

You have to register for the service, but it only takes a couple of minutes. All you do is enter your name, email address, and password.

Ads are shown before every title, enabling the site to deliver so much free content.

Retrovision TV

5. Retrovision TV

Retrovision is one of the very best websites to watch free classic TV shows. You will also find an excellent library collection of classic movies online. The content is legal for downloading and streaming free TV series on this streaming platform because they are not protected by copyright and are in the public domain.

Navigating through the site is simple, and all programs are on one page. You may also filter through adventure films, cartoons, classic TV, comedy, detective stories, dramas, and many more. Free showings, cartoons, and movies are available to satisfy the oldest or youngest viewers.

Internet Archive

6. Internet Archive

These include a collection of old television shows, television documentaries, and government videos. At first glance, the site has a basic structure but does stop you from accessing a lot of classic content. You can filter from a simple menu by year, creator, subject and language, etc.

The home page displays media tiles for each video or show and rolling the mouse cursor over it, and clicking adds more details before making a selection. When you click, you get much more information and a media playback window. Just click the play button and wait for your choice to start playing.

It may seem necessary, but it deserves a place in the best 10 streaming sites due to the number of classic movies and TV shows on offer.

CONtv + Comics

7. CONtv + Comics

Being another site that needs a VPN as it is only available to the US. Cinedigm and Wizard World made CONtv. The primary goal to supply content for the Comic-Con community.

Whereas Sci-Fi is the primary feature of this site, there is much more to explore, such as fiction, games, superheroes, and martial arts. You can enjoy Comic-Con events online.

The site is quick to navigate and has a search function. You will have to subscribe to the broadcast, but no payment details are required. The video playback is very high quality, but choosing a VPN and an ad blocker is a good idea. CONtv is a unique movie-streaming website in comparison.


8. PlutoTV

PlutoTV offers a great experience, much like watching regular TV. You are presented with a TV schedule so you can see what is available as you scan through the timings.

Videos play fast and begin almost instantly as you flick between the channels. You can view all manner of movies, shows, sports, and programs for kids.

Playback is among the best, and it offers a different approach to a streaming service. It is easy to see why it is among the good streaming sites for movies.


9. SnagFilms

SnagFilms provides over 2,000 titles, among them cult classics and independent films. The catalogue encompasses most genres and contains a great selection of TV shows and series.

You have to register to use the service, but like other movie streaming sites in this guide, registration is simple and straightforward. The commercials are short and discreet. The site content is well structured and easy to navigate.

Classic Cinema Online

10. Classic Cinema Online

Last in the list is for lovers of classic movies. Think back to Charlie Chaplin, and you will understand the classics you can find.

Unlike many others, there is no registration, but the site doesn’t host the movies itself, and it offers links where you can watch the movies online for free.

It is easy to use, but because there is an extra step, the navigation isn’t as fluid as other video streaming sites are.

Using VPN’s for Free Movies

To access most of these sites does require a VPN. While it is not possible to use the best free VPN service as data caps can stop your free movie experience halfway.

The top two VPN solutions are as follows in order of preference.

ExpressVPN is the number one streaming VPN. It delivers the best experience for watching any movies online via their optimized servers that span 94 countries.

To check out all the features, any user can sign up faster than the sites here take, and you have use of the 30-day money-back guarantee to make sure it surpasses all your needs.

As a great backup solution, you have NordVPN. It is ideal for users who wish to remain anonymous more than the usual encryption, and it copes well with streaming.

Nord also has a 30-day refund period, although the support staff tries to resolve any issues before they honour the refund.

Any user is advised to stick with the number one option, and there will be no regrets. It takes seconds to change the server to the USA, or any country where a streaming platform comes from.

Within 30 minutes, you can be enjoying any free show or movie you decide to watch form the sites above.

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