How to Use Flixtor Anonymously (Flixtor Review)

Out of all the free streaming sites, Flixtor rose to the top and became one of the most popular. It delivered all the latest movies and TV shows, and suddenly it vanished from sight; this Flixtor review will go through what to do now.

In 2018, something happened to Flixtor, and the users who had paid to become VIP members were shocked because they thought they were going to lose their money.

Luckily, for these users and all the site fans, they finally came back online in early 2019. Because of this, there are some things users are unaware of when watching Flixtor free movies.

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This Flixtor review delves into all you need to know about the site and how you can access it anonymously to stay safe.

What Happened to Flixtor?

In the early days, there was an app of the same name. This used the BitTorrent protocol for streaming content, and it did confuse many users because they thought the streaming site was the same as the app.

The two were very different, and the website, since it came back, has carried on doing what it does best.

The free streaming website scours the internet for all IPTV sources and arranges them into a huge database accessible from a regular browser interface.

Since it vanished for a while, many sites sprung up using their name, so these copycats or mirrors can be unscrupulous imposters.

Is Flixtor Legal?

Many individuals are concerned with the legality of Flixtor because it serves up so much copyrighted content.

However, none of this content is hosted locally by the site, so they are not doing anything illegal in the eyes of the law.

The problem here is that even if the site is not doing anything wrong, there is still lots of content such as the latest movies and some of the hugely popular TV series available for people to watch free.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Association) is an agency with the help of ISP’s protects the free distribution of copyrighted material.

This involves many more streaming websites than just Flixtor, and all around the world, there are countless numbers of these sites blocked from access depending on where you reside.

Alone, the UK and Australia have blocked many sites that allow users to watch movies online or are torrent sites to download them.

While Flixtor may be legal, it does not mean you can get access, and worst of all, it does not mean you are not being watched.

It is this reason why users need to take precautions when accessing any site of this nature.

If it is blocked from where you live, a VPN will bypass these blocks, and they will also prevent your ISP or the DMCA from seeing you are watching your favourite movie from a website that is hosting illegal content.

One thing users do need to be careful of is that they are searching for the right site, which is working.

The proper site appears to be Another looks the same, yet if you want to become a VIP member, nothing happens when you click the option.

Flixtor Streaming Sites

Flixtor VIP Members

Users who feel like they wish to become VIP members have to click on the link, and they are taken to a payments page.

It offers a few options, such as credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Users can sign up for 30 days all the way to 2-years.

There are many options available to VIP members, yet there is still no assurance of how safe Flixtor is and how long it may last if it ever gets shut down. VIP members may find they do lose their money in the end.

Benefits of being a Flixtor VIP Member

  • Access to a larger number of movies and TV episodes.
  • Access to ALL Videos available in 1080p HD Quality.
  • Ability to Download Videos.
  • Use Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay.
  • Email requests for missing Movies and TV Shows.
  • Users will never see advertisements (if the website ever has to run them)

Alternatives to Flixtor

Although there are plenty of features available, and the site is apparently doing nothing illegal.

Users need to be wary of the fact the site vanished once, and with all the attention it gets, it can quite easily vanish again, for good.

Finding the best Flixtor alternatives is good advice, yet these will need to same precautions for security, as these may be blocked and fall under the same surveillance of the DMCA and ISP’s.

1. ProjectFreeTV

In comparison, ProjectFreeTV is not a streaming site. It is actually a TV show index that is very easy to use.

Once you find the show or movie you want, you click on the tile for the current episode or to watch the full series; you can see all the other episodes from that season.

Video quality is good; however, you may think the video is playing on occasions, but it has frozen.

This happens more for some of the newer releases, yet when watching classic movies, this rarely happens because of the number of streams.

2. Watch Series

On this site, like Flixtor, there is a massive number of shows and movies. However, it does come with a small sacrifice, which is the number of popups you are dealt with.

You can prevent some of these with ad blockers and using a good VPN, yet some remain. The sites are fast to use, and once you find what you want, it takes you to another window before settling on the location, which will play your desired content.

Watch Series has a lot, but the number of steps to watch their show may be too much for some users.

Popcorn Time best alternative for Flixtor

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3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is, in reality, more of an app than a streaming site. However, it is a vastly popular way for users to watch a good movie or TV show.

The downside of this is that it is blocked in a lot of areas, and where it does work, it uses the BitTorrent protocol, so your IP address is there for any copyright troll to see.

This may not appear to be too drastic, but as you watch your content, the app is uploading to other users, so you are unknowingly taking part in piracy.

Watching Streaming Sites With a VPN

For the above streaming services or any other sites like Flixtor, users need to use VPN services for several reasons.

The first reason is if there is illegal content. Users need to make sure they can’t be traced as to what they are watching.

The second is that some free movie sites will be blocked in many countries. This can show up as an error, yet with a VPN, this can be bypassed so users can access the site anonymously.

For remote regions, the choice of VPN is vital as not every VPN service caters very well.

Basically, the larger the network, the better the region support, although this does not always translate into a fast VPN.

The first recommendation is super secure NordVPN. This is one of the best for privacy and will prevent any Flixtor user from being seen. Generally, it is a good streaming VPN for users who live around Europe or the USA.

Far off places like around Asia or Australia can see a drop off in speed, and for any sites that are streaming movies, you do need a fast VPN.

Best VPN for Flixtor

ExpressVPN is the top recommendation because it is seen as the best VPN for streaming. With servers in over 94 countries, it has plenty of servers, which are optimized for streaming. This means no matter where the source content comes from, you are guaranteed the best viewing experience.

ExpressVPN fast speeds are just the tip of the benefits it offers users. They have some of the best security possible, so no trolls or ISP’s will see they are accessing content, which may be suspect, or they are torrenting (knowingly or unknowingly).

Every user who chooses this service can make full use of the 30-day money-back guarantee to test all the functionality. Users can use this just like a free trial and see how these sites above work for them.

With no one looking over their shoulder, they can use Flixtor anonymously with no worries they are facing any site blocking, or their IP is being traced.

With the best encryption protocols in use, it will not take long for any users to see they are using the best streaming VPN no matter which country they live in around the world.

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