How to Find the Best VPN Free Australia

While VPNs are becoming an important piece of software for a vast majority of internet users in Australia, many are still unable to incorporate a paid VPN service in their budget. Paid VPNs charge a monthly (or annual) subscription fee which, when combined with the existing cost of an internet connection, simply doesn’t justify the benefits gained.

FreeVPN software is the only alternative for such individuals – even those who are interested in eventually subscribing to a paid one can initially try a VPN for Australia free to ascertain whether they require it for their use or not.

However, finding a workable solution for free VPN access isn’t that easy: for starters, the market is flooded with bloatware (and even plain malware) disguised as free VPN programs, and an unsuspecting user can do serious harm to their computer by downloading it.


Even when you do find a working free VPN service Australia, you’ll find that it is restricted in terms of bandwidth / time used / servers accessible. You’ll find these factors discussed in detail below, to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a free VPN utility.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Australia VPN free

Bandwidth restrictions:

The majority of free Australian VPN are restricted in terms of the bandwidth you get for accessing internet content through them. After you’ve consumed your quota, you’re either logged out of the network, or you get a pop-up asking you to subscribe to the paid version of the software.

In any case, you should select a product that offers as much free bandwidth as possible.

Time restrictions:

Another factor to consider when looking to set up a VPN solution at zero cost is the time for which the candidate software lets you use its services. Depending on the software, there may be a set amount of hours for which you can use the software each day – or you may have to wait in a queue for minutes (and even hours) until you’re given access to the service.

Scour through user reviews to find out about the waiting times and restrictions imposed by the free VPN.

Server restrictions:

You’ll also be severely restricted in terms of the global servers that you can access – for instance, if you want to access Netflix US using a no-cost VPN service (not recommended), you’ll want to look for a dedicated free USA VPN, since those based in another country will likely ask for money when you try to access an international server location.

Note that even if you find a workable free USA VPN, you will be unable to stream content for long since the bandwidth consumption would be exceeded in an hour or so!

Data logging:

Some no charge VPN solutions will try to coax you into getting their paid software by keeping logs about your usage, and promising that data logging will be stopped as soon as you move to the full version. Avoid such software at all costs, since it violates the fundamental function of a VPN i.e. total internet anonymity.

Encryption strength:vpn-encryption

Because you’re using a free service, do not expect the highest standard of encryption from the free client, since the service provider will try to economize as much as possible to cut processing overheads. In spite of that, only choose a free product that utilizes the industry standard OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec encryption protocols.

Device support:

Normally, free VPN software is extremely limited as far as multi-platform device support is concerned. The better ones will support popular platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS, but for anything further than that, you’ll have to get a paid app if you want satisfactory performance.


Even free software requires money to run and maintain – the best method for generating revenue from a free program for most manufacturers is an advertisement. This includes periodic pop-ups and browser ads that will try to hard-sell you their product, as well as third-party apps.

These advertisements are inevitable – you should go for the VPN product which shows the least ads. This can only be ascertained after perusing user reviews.

Paid vs free

As you will have seen from the factors described above, a VPN free Australia software is not a viable long-term solution to guarantee online privacy and security. For optimum surfing and streaming experience, which is also completely secure and uninterrupted, the only option is a paid service. For a quality no cost VPN solution be sure to check out our Tunnelbear review and our Windscribe review.

If you’re still unsure about the investment, most premium VPN providers, such as Express VPN, offer VPN free trials. The VPN trial normally lasts a fortnight or a month, which is ample time to try it out and see if the features offered are worth the price.